Whither safety?

Electrical junction box
Open electrical junction box on the roadside. 

We, as a nation, have a callous attitude towards safety regulations and procedures- whether it relates to traffic, fire or hazardous substances. In a country where people throng in large numbers for any event, a small mishap could result in multiple casualties.

The recent temple tragedy in Kollam has only highlighted the need for proper safety measures and strict enforcement. But once this incident fades from memory and media glare, we revert to our old ways.

In Chennai, despite several incidents of electrical accidents and resultant fatalities, you still find most junction boxes open and connections, bare. A shocking situation indeed!

A scene from a Puraswalkam street captured during  the Chennai Photowalk


4 thoughts on “Whither safety?

  1. I agree with you. I see open electrical cables all over the place. By the way, I like the way you have used the word “revert”!


  2. It is a pity. But my engineering instinct tells me by looking at the picture that the wire gauge used, the quality of the insulation, the careful termination, some amount of color coding and a three sided box is NOT TOO BAD!!


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