Better to Light a Lamp…

Devotee lighting a lamp
Devotee lighting a lamp

“Better to Light a Candle Than Curse the Darkness” goes the old saying.

It wasn’t exactly dark, but an old devotee trekked up all the 150 odd steps of Pachai Malai to this temple of Mahayuga Kali on the hilltop to light a lamp in front of the shrine. Due to the high wind, she wasn’t successful in the beginning but finally succeeded after several attempts.

By the way, the original quote is attributed to several people from Confucius to Kennedy. I have no idea who said it first.



Green Chennai

View from Pachai malai hill
View from Pachai malai hill

Pachai Malai is a new find for me.

It is a small hill near Tambaram Sanatorium. You can approach it through the TNHB road off the Chennai Nagapattinam highway near the Export Processing Zone. To reach the top of the hill one has to climb about 150 steps. May not be an issue for most people. Senior citizens and those with ailments need to take care. There is a well kept small temple on top. On a Sunday morning, we could see a few devotees and many fitness freaks climbing the hill along with our Photowalkers.

The view from the hill is really worth the climb. The above image is looking North towards MEPZ and Peria Eri. The lake is close to Thiruneermalai.

Speeding up communication

Liquor bottle in a telephone junction box
Liquor bottle in a telephone junction box

I have always wondered how the wired telephone works in spite of all the chaos and tangles on the way.

The empty liquor bottle in the junction box on a busy road probably has the answer – or more questions!

Taken with phone camera Redmi Note 4 on Radhakrishnan Salai.

Mercedes (Hub Caps)

This ancient car (Standard Herald Gazel) was spotted in a narrow lane in Royapettah. Reminded me of my Blue Herald I used to drive in Bombay between 1974 and 1979.

This car is probably used for some ceremonial occasions. For now, it occupies half the width of the narrow street.

The model name changed as suggested by MrShyam Krishnamachari

Rest Well

Appropriate Brand Name

Doing full justice to the brand name of the mattress. An early morning scene on Pycrofts Road, Triplicane.

Shot on Red Mi Note 4. Tweaked with Snapseed.

Future Coca Cola?

Shikhanjiwalla to Coca Cola
Shikhanjiwalla to Coca Cola

Lemon juice cart in Royapettah, Chennai. A wannabe Coke?

Street Artist

Today is Amavasai – New Moon day , considered auspicious by many. Anjalai from Mylapore is busier than usual. She paints pumpkins for sale. These pumpkins are ‘broken’ at homes and business premises to ward off evil and bring good luck .

While a pumpkin sells for 60 to 80 rupees Anjalai gets an additional 40 or 50 rupees for her painted ones.

Taken with phone camera – Redmi Note 4.

Nothing Local About It.

No. It is not a local (pub). It is a restaurant claiming to serve authentic Punjabi food, complete with famous dialogues from Hindi movies emblazoned on the staircase.

The Hazards of e-Waste

Abandoned among e-waste

While the awareness about pollution and its prevention are gaining momentum, the same can not be said of e-waste and its hazards. There are efforts in the unorganized sector to reuse and recover. However, these are harmful to the workers and the environment.

I was happy to note that there are organized initiatives from the private sector to manage e-waste. At a seminar which I chaired sometime ago, one of them even presented me a memento plated with gold recovered from PCB’s!

The picture of the baby doll among e-waste is from a wayside market in Pallavaram, Chennai.

[ A week after I posted the above, the Hindu carried an article on ‘A to Z of E-Waste Managment’

Very timely]

Door Mats

Syed Ali Badsha selling doormats from hosiery waste
Syed Ali Badsha selling doormats from hosiery waste

Meet Syed Ali Badsha at the Friday Sandhai at Pallavaram. Badsha sells floor mats made from hosiery waste. He has started early (7 am) and spread his ware for the customers. He procures the goods from Tiruppur and nearby areas and sells at half the supermarket prices.