Ashok Leyland, one of the big Commercial Vehicle manufacturers in India has its mother plant in Ennore, Chennai. I am assuming that this truck wheel drum was manufactured in Chennai and has travelled all over India as part of truck and landed back in Chennai in the scrap yards off General Patters road.

Some kind of home coming.



Statue at the Govt. College of Fine Arts

As you enter the Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai you are treated to a lot of student projects – some finished, some unfinished. This one caught my eye.

Burlesque filter from Windows Photos used.

Architectural Elements

An old building in Triplicane

This old building displays many building materials – brick, plaster, wood, wire mesh etc.The cow and calf figure was rather cute and rare. This was taken 3 years ago. I wonder if it is still there.

Lock down Pastime

Flame thrower?

The Chennai city enforced a very strict lockdown for about 3 weeks. The only outside activity was a walk on the terrace. The sunset provided an intriguing sight like a flame thrower against the dish antenna receiver.

Grandstand view

View from the top

Residents from the first floor having a grandstand view on a Sunday morning at Kannagi Nagar, a township of tenements now developed as an Art District.

This image is on Flickr Explore on 10th July 2020, being one of the 500 selected images from the millions submitted.

This photo is also on the cover page of the Flickr Group Explore Reloaded.

Scenic Route

Can you guess where this spot is?

The Adyar river flowing in Manapakkam behind the airport.

Another Face from Chennai

Another face from Chennai. An old watchman in one of the shops in Pondy Bazaar pedestrian plaza.

Rural Ambiance

Agriculture in Nemam

Though Chennai is a quintessential metro, you need not go far to get feeling of a village. Nemam, just a few kilometres away a typical rural agricultural community.

Value Adders 4

Migrant labourers helping build the cities infrastructure. Taken months ago.

Now with most of the migrant having returned to their homes during the lockdown, Chennai Metro is finding it difficult to find the labourers for completing the remaining work.

Blessed Boys

Masi, Karthi, Venkatesh and Friends

Boys of Kannagi Nagar waiting for a joy ride in an auto rickshaw under the benign eyes of Lord Muruga.