Somersault at Marina Beach

At Marina beach and Elliot’s Beach, it is a common sight to see groups of youngsters practising various acrobatic jumps including multiple somersaults.

This one at Marina has a perfectly positioned needle point at the fulcrum.

From the Marina photowalk organised by Photographic Society of Madras with Mr Deb Lahiri from Kolkata as the mentor.



Diwali fireworks

In spite of high prices, governmental restrictions, and pollution shaming, Chennai kept its appointment with fireworks on Diwali night.

This is a view from my terrace.


Art Gallery

A viewer enjoying the exhibits at the art gallery. Cholmandalam Artists Village on ECR, Chennai.

Blue Skies

Madras too can have blue skies!

One of the few days when we have blue skies.

Seen from the Napier Bridge


Good Luck


Press for Good luck.

Oroor Olcott kuppam.

Taken with a P & S Panasonic DMC-SZ7

February 2017

Colourful View

Through a dustbin. On the plaza near Thiruvanmiyur MRTS Station. Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 during morning walk.

Special Occasion

Sadhu at the Beach

Some people from the Jain community feed pigeons every day at the beach. Last Sunday was special for them. The senior Sadhu from Rajasthan was visiting Chennai and he took time to participate in the feeding at Elliot’s beach.
ISO 100, f/2.0 1/200 sec.

Feeding the Birds


Some philanthropists feed the pigeons daily at the Marina and Elliot’s beaches. The quantity of grain fed every day runs into hundreds of kilograms.

It is always a pleasure to watch the flock of birds take off together and land again for no particular reason after a quiet meal. This also gives a great photo opportunity. Even if you have hundreds of such pictures, every frame is different. One such frame from a recent visit to Elliot’s beach. The famous Schmidt Memorial is hidden behind the flock.

Sony ILCE-6400 with Sigma 30mm F 1.4 DC DN

f/1.4, S.S 1/1600, ISO 640

Processed on LR

Colours and Stripes

On the Elliot’s Beach promenade.