Nothing Local About It.

No. It is not a local (pub). It is a restaurant claiming to serve authentic Punjabi food, complete with famous dialogues from Hindi movies emblazoned on the staircase.


Hindi Imposition

Posters in Hindi and Tamil for cures for Piles, Sex Problems etc

Hindi imposition even in advertisements for cures for sex problems, piles etc? A scene from Kilpauk but could be anywhere.

Why aren’t our activists protesting?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4


Lament of the crows

Crows on the beach
Lament of the crows

“Nobody photographs us (except this crazy uncle)” seems to be the lament of these crows on Elliot’s Beach.

Consoling at the National Roller Skating Competitions.

A competitor consoling another
A competitor from Maharashtra consoling another

You need your friends more at the time of disappointments than at victories. So, no fair weather friends.

Here a competitor from Maharashtra is seen consoling a co-competitor after an unexpected elimination. at the National Roller Skating Competition, Besant Nagar.

Rudyard Kipling’s poem,”If…” and its lines emblazoned at Wimbledon entrance come to mind:

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same;  

For a National Level event, it did not attract much media coverage as far as I know. A search on the web showed the venue of the competition as Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium. Was it a last-minute switch to Besant Nagar due to bureaucratic bungling?


The Young Photographer

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The young photographer at the Kolam Contest, Mylapore Festival 2018
The young photographer at the Kolam Contest, Mylapore Festival 2018


The Kolam competition spread over two days, is always the most popular item at the Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival for the last 16 years. Nowadays, you find a hoard of photographers covering the event.

This photographer was perhaps the youngest in the crowd with a DSLR.

Sunset over Mylapore

Sunset over Mylapore tank
Sunset over Mylapore tank

Dusk – when the real and the unreal are indistinguishable.

Sunset over Mylapore Temple tank on a Margazhi day. No editing except for the watermark.

Faces of Chennai

Young man with a smartphone
Young man with a smartphone

This is Madan from West Mambalam.

From Chennai Photowalk.


No Helmet. Only a Halo

Panned shot of a bike
Panned shot of a bike

Panned shot of a family riding a motorcycle without a helmet. A very common sight in Chennai.

The unintended light flare above the head of the riders looks like a halo. Maybe indicates the effect of helmetless travel and overloading.

In case of emergency

For Jesus.. call....
For Jesus.. call….

911 for spiritual help!

A mechanic’s booth on First Line Beach, Chennai


Old House

Old house in Shenoy Nagar
Old house in Shenoy Nagar

Though not old enough to get a heritage tag, this house in Pulla Reddy Avenue, Shenoy Nagar stands out amidst the overall development of multi-storey concrete structures.

How long will it hold against the onslaught, I am not sure.

The Chennai Photowalk #112