High end Brands

High end brands

Ritu Kumar, Audi, and BMW are all high end brands but Chennai has embraced them shedding the “conservative” tag.

This reminds me of an episode from many years ago. It was in 1985 or 86. Supermarkets were uncommon then. One supermarket was started in a prominent shopping area. It was managed by professionals. Even after 2 years of operation the business was not very good. One by one, the professionals left. The owner brought in a Marwari as the CEO.

In a casual conversation the CEO told me, ” Sir, my customer are coming in cycle rickshaw (remember, this was 1980’s). I want them to come in cars. I need to make changes to attract them”. This was his way of saying that he needs to reposition his brand and adjust his 4 P’s to attract a different segment of customers.

He did make some changes. I did not now about the ‘rickshaw customers and car customers” but business definitely improved. However, it did not survive the onslaught of the national retail chains in subsequent years.



Mylapore scene

A man doing ‘anga pradakshinam’ while others are going about their business.


Boy praying

“Lord give us uninterrupted supply of water”. The boy priest seems to be praying in West Mambalam. He was probably officiating for the senior priest.

West Mambalam, like most parts of Chennai, is notorious for shortage of piped water.

Business Worries?

Flower seller near Kapali temple, Mylapore

One of the many Faces of Chennai. Small businesses which add value.

Who is Afraid of the Scarecrow?


Is this scarecrow another type of ‘Drishti’ icon- to drive away the wrath of the evil eye?

A scene in front of a building under renovation.

From the Chennai Photowalk, Saidapet

Where Religions Meet

Fish vendor

A Muslim Fish Vendor in a market owned by a Hindu temple.

A frame from the Photowalk in Saidapet.