Matsya Avatar

Matsya, the first avatar of Vishnu rendered at the entrance of an eponymous restaurant in Adyar.Xiamoi Redmi note 4.


End of Confinement

Is the election over?
covered wall painting of MGR

As per the Model Code of Conduct, the Election Commission had covered all political posters, wall paintings, plaques etc. Here, much after the elections the ever popular former Chief Minister, M.G.Ramachandran is peeping out of his confinement.

From Photowalk Retro #62 Burma colony, Ekkattuthangal.

Dedicated Priest

Mr.Mani the priest in 2019
Mr.Mani the priest in 2019

Humans of Madras Series.

Mr Mani is one of the priests at the Peelikan Muneeswaran Temple, Burma Colony, Ekkattuthangal.

I had first met him three years ago during a similar Photowalk. When I met him last week he was only a shadow of his old self. He looked much thinner than what he was and there was a tired look about him. He was happy to see his phot from 2016 and explained that he had undergone three surgeries recently – for gall stones, prostate and one more. But he was continuing his dedication to the temple with the same commitment as before.

Salute to this man.

Mr Mani in 2016
Mr Mani in 2016

Facebook and Friends

Resting on the steps at Marina
Resting on the steps at Marina

After a vigorous walk, resting on the steps of the Marina at Gandhi Statue with friends and facebook.

From The Chennai Photowalk