Entrance to the Graves

Arch to the graves
Arch to the graves

The well-manicured Madras War Cemetery on the main road at Nandambakkam is very prominent and popular. But there is much older war grave on Pallavan Salai in Park town right by the side of the flyover to Central Station. This is part of St.Mary’s Church in Fort St.George, whose on-site cemetery could not be expanded due to space and security concerns.

The Chennai Photowalk. Retro walk # 70 Bodyguard Muneeswaran


The Readership Conundrum

Daily habit
Daily habit

Do you know that India undertakes one of the largest continuous market surveys in the world? It is the National Readership Survey consisting of over 200,000 respondents every quarter. It is to determine the media usage habits of the Indian public.

As soon as the results are published every quarter, there is a lot of excitement and flurry of activities. Every publication quotes the survey selectively to show their premier position in some segment – State, City, Language, Socioeconomic category, etc.

Times of India tops the National Total Readership and Average Issue Readership for English Dailies. It had pipped The Hindu in its citadel, viz. Chennai. Whereas, The Hindu claims pole position in Tamil Nadu and highest recall in Chennai.

I am not quoting any figures here for fear of being selective or misleading. Those interested can always get the summary online. The detailed results are available only for subscribers. It is heartening to note that India is one of the few countries where the print media is still holding on despite the growth of the electronic and online channels.

Image from Car-Free Sunday on Besant Nagar – The Chennai Photowalk Retrowalk #68





Family playing pallankuzhi
Family playing pallankuzhi

Pallankuzhi is a traditional board game from Tamil Nadu. It is also played in other parts of South India. The board is usually made of wood with 2 rows of depressions (kuzhis) of 7 each. The 14 kuzhis are loaded with counters – usually cowrie shells or manjadi beans. The board can also be made in other materials like steel, brass, bronze, ivory, granite, etc. It is designed for 2 players who take turns in picking the counters and distributing over the other kuzhis in a specified manner.

It was popular with children and older women. It is believed to improve counting abilities and hand-eye coordination among growing children.

Above, a family playing Pallankuzhi during The Chennai Photowalk Retrowlak #68 Car Free Sunday at Bessie beach.


Ramanujan IT City

Ramanujan IT City
Ramanujan IT City

Ramanujan IT City is a Special Economic Zone developed near Tidel Park by the Tata group in association with Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). It has a built-up area of 5.7 Million sq.ft. spread over 25 acres on Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR).

It is named after the famous Indian mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan. The above picture was taken before sunrise. The recently added pedestrian ramp is prominent.

Ganesha’s Favourite

Erukkam Poo [Crown Flower]
Erukkam Poo [Crown Flower]
Erukkam Poo or Crown flower is a shrub native to India and some other Asian Countries. It grows even in dry places. The botanical name is Calatropis Gigantea. The flower of this shrub has 5 petals and a unique crown. The flower is believed to be a favorite of Lord Ganesha. The shrub which is usually neglected suddenly gains importance during Vinayaka (Pillayar) Chathurthi.

The latex from the stems and leaves are poisonous and have been used on arrow tips.

This was spotted on the banks of River Adyar near Manapakkam during Chennai Photowalk #140.


A Feast for the Eyes

Paddy fields in Nemam
Paddy fields in Nemam

Not far from the city (30kms) is the village of Nemam. This hamlet is famous for the lush green Paddy fields. Definitely a feast for the tired urban eyes. And a god-given for the photographers.

From the Chennai Photowalk #140 Nemam Village

Wish you all a Happy and Green Republic Day.

Morning Routine

Early morning chore
Early morning chore

For farmers, life starts early in villages. For others, life is at a leisurely pace. This young man along with a friend is having a leisurely brushing of teeth with a neem twig on the lake bund.

The Chennai Photowalk #140 Nemam Village

The Weekend Fisherman

A part time fisherman
A part-time fisherman

Meet Mr.Perumal, a part-time fisherman who was trying his luck in the near stagnant waters of the Adyar river, behind the Officers’ Training Academy. He didn’t have much of a catch for his efforts but seemed to be quite happy with what little he got.

From the Chennai Photowalk. walk #141 Secret Trail, Manapakkam.

Alcohol De-addiction

Quack’s advertisement

This poster in Tamizh is obviously from a quack who is offering magic thread for alcohol de-addiction. This ‘spiritual baba’ also adds that he can be consulted for ‘all other matters’ as well. Alcoholism is ruining many families and the remedies accessible for the poor are very limited. No wonder, such quacks thrive. 
While playing on people’s gullibility, he is also harming the avenue tree by hammering all those nails.  
A quick phone grab in Adyar. 

Pied Piper and the Film Star

Another migrant eking his livelihood
Another migrant eking his livelihood

Take any street and you will find an industrious migrant from states like Bihar, Odisha or Bengal hawking something or the other. This hawker adds music to his selling efforts in front of a poster of a popular film star on North Mada Street during the Mylapore Festival.

May his efforts bring him success!

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