Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar

After a workout at the Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar.


What is the Gender of your Vehicle?

Pinky and Peppy

This picture of a scooter with pink clothes makes me think about the choice of two wheelers by men and women.

During my college days, one had to wait for years to get an allotment of a two-wheeler. The choices were also limited and one had to grab whatever came one’s way. Then with more models hitting the road one chose from a motorcycle, scooter, moped or Mofa. There were fewer female riders, but those few chose mostly scooters. While only men were seen riding bikes, scooter became popular with both men and women.

Then some models like Scooty and Pleasure started positioning them as the girls’ choice. “Why should boys have all the fun?” The scooter got labeled as a woman’s vehicle. Men seemed to prefer the macho motor bikes.

When new powerful and feature-rich scooters like Activa hit the market, the gender separation again became thinner. Now I see both men and women riding the scooter.

It will be interesting to study the present positioning strategies of the two wheeler marketers.

Flower Vendor

flower seller in Mylapore

Women selling flowers is a common sight especially near temples. This woman seems to be fully immersed in her business.


Wayside garden

The streets in George town, Chennai are normally crowded and dirty. By this simple act of planting a few flowering plants and painting the walls, this area stands out from the rest.

Milk by the Metre

Making tea

A common sight in India, but always a delight to watch. Wayside tea shop making tea with a flourish.


At Kasi Viswanatha Temple, Ayanavaram

On going through my archives I came across this simple sight of a man peeping into the Kasi Viswanatha Temple at Ayanavaram. Somehow, this reminded me the story of Nandanar, the only Dalit Nayanar. Even though he was great devotee of Shiva, he was denied entry into the temple at Chidambaram. His view of the deity from outside was also obstructed by the Nandi. Knowing his devotion, Lord Shiva ordered the granite Nandi to move aside so that Nanadanar (also known as Thiru Nalai Povaar Nayanar) can have an unobstructed Darshan.

More details of the Nandanar Charitram at : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nandanar

Multi Lingual Menu

Chaat and Juice Menu

A fast food kiosk in Nungambakkam.

Sunrise at Nemam

Sunrise over paddy fields

Nemam is village on the outskirts of Chennai, near Thirumazhisai. The rising sun enhances the golden hue of the ripe paddy.

Hope we will have another chance to visit the village after the pandemic.


Trio of dogs

During early morning photowalks, most shop shutters will be closed. This allows homless people,animals and early morning newspaper vendors etc to use the store fronts.

These trio of dogs are very happy with their space in Tiruvallikeni.

The One-Eyed

A shutter display in Broadway