Mindless littering

Mindless littering

Littering in a park

It is obvious from the brand names and packing that the users had expensive tastes. However, when it comes to disposal of trash, their tastes are rather cheap.

Couldn’t they have dropped the trash into the garbage bin just a few yards away after their gastronomic tete-a-tete ? Or do they, like most others, believe that the trash  is always someone else’s responsibility.

[A scene from a park in Indira Nagar, Adyar captured during my morning walk with my MotoG]



Generic Xerox everywhere

roadside xerox

Xerox on kerbstone

That Xerox has become the a generic name for any photocopying is old news. Now you find the brand name splashed all over, including this kerbstone on a busy street off LB Road Adyar, near Eros theatre.


Mallikeswarar Temple in Madrasapattanam


There are many ancient temples in the George town area of Chennai, formerly known as the Madaraspattanam, or Black Town. The 700 -year old Mallikeswarar temple, is not as popular as some of the others. It however, does not lack in antiquity or spiritual vibes.

The Maragadambal samedha Mallikeswarar temple is located in the busy Linghi Chetty street at the Mannady end. On a weekday, it may be impossible to reach in your 4 wheeler, but it is only a short distance from the Beach station.

The temple was discovered while digging and a Shiva lingam was found covered with jasmine flowers. Hence the name Mallikeswarar. The temple also finds mention in some British chronicles of 17th century.

Besides the main shrine there  are also several shrines for Ganesha, Brahma Vishnu, Murugan and 63 Nayanars (arupathi moovar).

The best time to visit is early morning on a Sunday.

Temple tower, anothe rview gopuram
Mallikeswara swami temple, Linghi chetty street, Mannady
63 saints
Temple tower, Mannady
Mallikeswara swami temple, Linghi Chetty Street,Mannadi


85 -year old Sarafaly Mansion


This picture of the 85-year-old Sarafaly building on Broadway (Popham’s Broadway, or Prakasham Salai) was taken by me 4 years ago. Even at that time, it was rundown, sealed and silently awaiting the onslaught of the bulldozer. Wonder what is it’s condition now!

The building still stands!

Sarafaly building in March 2016
Sarafaly building, Broadway in March 2016

Books on Chennai

Elsewhere, I had briefly reviewed the book, The Tamarind City, by Bishwanath Ghosh. Today, at the club library, I came across another book on the city,”Madras, Chennai and the Self” by Tulsi Badrinath (Pan Macmillan). After reading a specimen chapter, I am looking forward to an experience similar to the one I got from reading Tamarind City.


Three devotees

These three Vaishnavite devotees were spotted outside Sree Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane on the day of Samprokshanam last year.


Pillayar strapped?

Ma Yashoda once tied Sri Krishna to an ‘ural’ (grindstone) for his naughty pranks like stealing butter. Click here to read the story.

Now the temple management of Sree Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane has strapped Lord Ganesha with a steel band around the legs. This is on the pillar in mandapam in the front. Ganesha and other images have all been strapped with a nice steel strap, probably to support some other structure or poles. Have they thought of the damage they are causing to the sculptures and to the sentiments of the devotees?




Imelda Marcos of Triplicane

Imelda Marcos, the wife of the President (1965 -1986) of Philippines was notable for her legendary collection of over 3000 pairs of footwear.

This lady in front of Sree Parthasarathy, Triplicane temple does not own all these footwear. She is only a caretaker of these footwear of the devotees. She may collect a rupee or two for each pair.

Tamil nadu temples provide stalls for depositing footwear free of charge. These are normally inconveniently located or unmanned. In many temples, devotees prefer private service by independent operators or shopkeepers who provide the service for their clients.



Bhajan walks and photowalks

The month of Margazhi just passed by. Margazhi was the month for bhajans, thiruppavai , kutcheris etc.

It was also the month for Mylapore Festival. To coincide with this,  a photowalk was organised. Though I am member of this group from its inception in 2007, I had not participated in any walk before, as I had moved to Trivandrum for a post -retirement assignment for 8 years. Now back in Madras, I could participate in my first photowalk. I was perhaps the oldest in those present but was happy to see the diverse group that took to the streets of Mylapore enthusiastically that morning.

Guess what greeted us first. A bhajan group!