At Elliot’s Beach

Swollen head or a heavy burden? A migrant worker balancing her belongings on her head.

At Besant Nagar Elliot’s Beach


Krishna’s Pranks

Krishna Bommais

The toddler Krishna is raiding the pot of butter. The older Krishna is eyeing the panipuri.

Shot during the Mylapore Festival 2023

Safe With Me


“Your Gold is safe with me”. A bank front in Luz, Mylapore

Lemony Green

window shopping

Lemony Green (or is it yellow?) seems to be the colour of the day. A shop window on Pondy Bazaar.

From Chennai Photowalk.



Oh! The attraction of the fragrant and fresh jasmine artfully knitted into a garland with deft hands is evident in the smile of the buyer, even if muted by the glass.

From the Chennai Photwalk #234 Besant Nagar



Lonely walk on a “haunted” road. The Blue Cross Road in Besant nagar can be deserted at night. Not surprising that there are stories of it being haunted.

Now a world-class international school is coming up on this road.

From the Chenna Photoawalk #234

Myriad Variations

Eastern Entrance

This is the Eastern Entrance to the Kapaleeswarar Temple. Evert time I visit, I get a different perspective, depending on the time, the lighting, the devotees etc.

Yesterday was sShivaratri. It must have been more appropriate if I had posted this yesterday.

Om Navashivaya!


At 5 Rathas, Mahabalipuram

Some foreign tourists were sketching the monuments at the Five Rathas in Mahabalipuram – a UNESCO-certified Heritage site. They took a break to chat with local tourists, primarily devotees of Mel Maruvathur Athi Parasakthi. They are recognised by their bright red attire. Several selfies were also taken.

Trash or Treasure?

Vehicles dumped in front of a police station. Whenever you see abandoned vehicles dumped on the roadside or in public spaces, you can be nearly certain that a police station is nearby.

From The Chennai Photowalk #234