World Theatre Day

Museum Theater, Egmore, Chennai

Yesterday was World Theatre Day and I happened to pass by the Museum Theatre which was the venue of many a plays by various troupes from Madras as well as from all over the world.

The structure built is the late 19th Century (1896) is a fine example of Indo-Saracenic style. Fortunately for us it has been fairly well maintained.

The Museum complex as a whole wears a totally new visitor-friendly look both inside and outside. It appears that some thought and resources have gone into it.


Golden Cover

Flowers of the Copper pod tree

During the morning walk, I came across a parked car covered with yellow flowers of the Copper pod tree (also known as Rusty Shield Bearer of Yellow Gulmohur) Botanical name:  Peltophorum pterocarpum

Michelangelo of Madras

Painting the ceiling

A new temple complex (for Balamurugan) is coming up at the Saveetha Medical complex on Kanchipuram Highway. Some painters were painting Hindu religious themes on the ceiling. The skill and the endurance required were of a very high order. Wondering whether these Michelangelos get their due recognition.


Poosari at Muneeswaran Temple, Burma Colony