No Cash

Banking kiosk
Banking kiosk

24 / 7 banking but no cash.

A kiosk in Annanagar


Waves of Fashion

a store front in Anna nagar
a store front in Anna nagar

A storefront from my archives. Photowalk in Annanagar.

Immeasurable Delight

Kids playing in an ironing kiosk
Kids playing in an ironing kiosk

When you are young, simple things make you happy. Playing with friends in a neighbour’s ironing cart, for example. Like these two – Vasanth Kumar & Karthik – in Nethaji Nagar, Korukkupet, an area developed by Burmese refugees in 1966.

The caption on the cart reads, அளவில்லா ஆனந்தமாய்  “Alavilla Anandmaay” (Immeasurable Delight)

Plastic Substitutes

Plastic substitutes
Plastic substitutes

With the ban on single-use plastics in force, people have quickly found alternatives.

It is not surprising since we are already used to natural materials like banana leaves and stitched mandara leaves.

A scene from the Photowalk

Kolam Contest

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Kolam contest at Mylapore Festival
Kolam contest at Mylapore Festival

As usual, the Mylapore Festival sponsored by Sundaram Finance drew a lot of participants and viewers. The Kolam contest today was the highlight and besides the participants and supports and also had a battery of enthusiastic photographers clicking away.

Majestic Rider

Majestic bike rider

Seen in Indira Nagar, Adyar.

Is it riding or hatching the petrol tank?


Dog Show

Boy & his dog at the Dog Show
Boy & his pet at the Dog Show

The 129th Dog show conducted by the Madras Canine Club concluded today Adyar today. the picture of the boy and his dog epitomizes the spirit of the show.

More pictures at

No Parking

Baby bicycle
Baby bicycle

Perhaps not applicable to baby bicycles. A scene in front of a playschool.