Monster Eyes

Monster Eyes

Monster Eyes to ward off the evil eye. White pumpkins.

மறைந்து இருந்து பார்க்கும் மர்மம் என்ன?

From The Chennai Photowalk – Velachery


Managed by Women


Taj Wellington Mews located in the IT park on OMR is the first hotel in South Asia to be fully managed by women. It is a luxury apartment hotel and adds to the skyline of this area.



On an evening stroll in the Indira Nagar MRTS plaza, I saw a handful of beautiful butterflies flittering from plant to plant. With some effort, I could capture the above on my camera. A quick google image search revealed that this is called PlainTiger – a rather underwhelming name. It is also called African Queen or African Monarch. Now it sounds impressive!

Wikipedia also tells me that this specie is not uncommon. You need not be rare to look beautiful. Everyday things can also be beautiful. Right?

By the way, I thought lantana is an invasive plant. Wonder why the park is planting this species. 

More in Wikipedia:

Sony ILCE 6400 E 18-135 mm OSS @ 135 mm f-5.6, SS 1/1000, ISO 640