The Corn Seller at the beach


Roasting corn at Elliot's Beach
Roasting corn at Elliot’s Beach

Today’s daily photo blog was shot at the Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar.

The young lady sells roasted sweet corn cobs. The sparks coming out of the oven is an interesting sight, but difficult to capture. Here is my attempt.



At the Rath Yatra

Curious eyes at Rath yatra

The Hare Krishna Movement or The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON, for short)  conducted a Rath yatra on Saturday, starting from the Elliott’s Beach Besant Nagar. This Young devotee was spotted at the start of the yatra.

The Omnipresent Maruti Omni

Abandoned Maruti Omni van
Abandoned Maruti Omni van

The Maruti Omni was one the first multi-utility vehicle in India. When Maruti introduced the van the initial reaction was not very enthusiastic. After cleverly positioning it as a spacious family vehicle it gained popularity. In fact, it was an all-new category in India.

So it was painful for me to see this Omni abandoned on a roadside in Perungudi – that too near a burial ground!


DTH – Direct to Heaven

perungudi cremation grounds
perungudi cremation grounds

DTH- has a whole new definition: Direct to Heaven.  Or is it Direct to Hell? A satellite dish antenna is a prominent fixture in the Perungudi crematorium.

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Heads and more heads


woman and hogs' heads
woman selling pork


During photo walks in the mornings, we encounter many pleasant sights – people cleaning the thresholds and drawing kolams, tea shops preparing hot tea and snacks, brisk milk and paper vendors, flower stalls in front of churches and temples etc. You also come across mutton and fish stalls with an open display of the animal entrails, which I normally avoid.

During the last walk in Perungudi, when I saw a woman displaying two hogs’ heads, out of habit I wanted to skip and move on. Then I thought of getting out of my comfort zone and decided to capture the scene. A 55-300 mm zoom lens helped(!)

As I composed, a man walked into the frame. My first reaction was to reject the frame and shoot another. On closer examination, the hogs’ heads, the woman’s face and the ghostly head of the man gave an eerie effect to the whole scene. I decided to retain it and share with you all.

Sharing the Joys of Digital Photography

delight of digital photography
The delight of digital 2

During the Chennai Photowalk #117, I was trying to take pictures of a lakeside shrine. This lady with the child came and wanted to see the photograph as she said she is the caretaker of the shrine. She also wanted her and the child to be photographed. Friend Erode Senthil and I obliged. Here she is having a peek at the preview.

She added that many other photographers have also photographed her, the child and the shrine.

The joy on the face of the subject on seeing the image is something that I cherish. Sometimes, I wait for other photographers to show the image to the subject. You can see some of them on the links below:

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Fleecing by Auto rickshaws

Boy and auto rickshaw driver
A defiant boy arguing with an auto driver

The autorickshaw drivers of Chennai are notorious for extracting from passengers fares much in excess of the legally fixed rates.

This boy in Perungudi seems to be saying to the driver, “மீட்டர் மேல குடுக்க முடியாது” (Meter mele kudukka mudiyathu”!) “Will not pay over the metered fare”

From The Chennai Photowalk #117 Walk by the Lake  – Perungudi

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Artist or Mechanic?

jugaad - high productivity with simple tools
dinner plate liners from banana leaf

Today’s photoblog is on jugaad- West Mambalam style.

You must have seen the perfectly round banana leaf liners on dinner plates in restaurants and parties. I was thinking that these must have been cut using presses and dies with some element of sophistication. But seeing this young man at work in West Mambalam was a revelation. With just a steel plate as a template (!) and a sharpened hacksaw blade as a cutter, he deftly produces hundreds of round liners from a cluster of banana leaves in a matter of minutes.

The Revenge of the Tamilian

Wall poster for job opportunities
Wall poster for job opportunities

If North Indians can ‘murder’ English and Tamil, the Tamilian can do the same with Hindi.

A poster near Central Station announcing job opportunities for helpers. It also reflects the profile of the target audience.

Morning in West Mambalam

Morning Meet & Greet
Morning Meet & Greet

Local residents congregate in the morning near Ayodhya Mandapam, West Mambalam.