Migrant Children

Karan and Suraj

Karna and Suraj, children of guest workers were hanging around in the MRTS plaza. They were keen to be photographed and have the image sent to their phone.

On receiving the images, Karan responded with emojis depicting, thanks, smiley, and the Nepalese flag.


Food Truck Front

Food truck

Thiruvanmiyur Beach.

Samsung Note 9

Pallikkaranai Eco Park

The Pallikkaranai wetland was originally covered 6000 hectares. Now it is reduced to a mere 700  hectares due to encroachments and dumping of solid waste.

At last, there is some effort to conserve what is left.  As a part of this effort, an eco-park has come up and is thrown open to the public.

A large stage-like entrance greets visitors to this 2.5-hectare park. Different species of trees have been planted and some of them are labeled in English and Tamizh. There are boards and installations of flora and fauna with some useful information that could be of interest to students and nature enthusiasts. There is a fully tiled pathway running parallel to the Velachery-Tambaram road. The other pathway is more interesting. It runs straight from the entrance and is made up of two mud tracks separated by a lawn and goes around a pond. Despite warning signs, people have already started walking on the grass. I am sure selfie-seekers will have a field day. So also serious birders. The water bodies look a bit anemic now but I am sure after the rains, it will be a refreshing sight. There were a few birds- herons, egrets, and cormorants. Again I hope there may be more migratory birds in the season.

There is a feeling that the park is designed more for people than for the flora and fauna. One critic even labeled this Rs.20-crore development as “Greenwashing”. I am of the opinion that any incremental improvement should be celebrated in these desperate times.

The park is open from dawn to dusk. At present, entrance is free but a sign warns “Soonly Tickets will be Collected”!!

Recreational Plaza

The recreational plaza is coming up nicely under the MRTS tracks between Indira Nagar and Thriuvanmiyur stations. I only wish that there were less concrete and more patches of grass. I also wish that the users and the authorities maintain it well. Of course, there is the long-standing wish for cleaning the Buckingham Canal so that the stench and mosquito menace is eliminated or at least reduced.

Jimikki Kammal and Fast Food

Jimikki Kammal

In the narrow lanes of Uroor Olcott Kuppam, this corner shop offers constume jewelry and fast food.

The frontage is also kept clean, unlike other nearby areas.

Adyar Creek Restoration

Adyar creek

An excellent job has been done by the Adyar River Restoration Project. In the 10-years since the commencement, the stinking water body has been restored, more trees and shrubs have been planted. Walking tracks and viewpoints have been built and entry of public controlled with access only on certain days for a limited number. The many paintings and installations of insects, animals, and reptiles will be a hit with children.

I am told that the number of species of birds, animals, insects, and plants has increased after the project was implemented.

Another incremental improvement which has to be lauded.

Parking at MRTS Station

Mrts Indira nagar

Parking at owners’ risk: protected by Gods.

Physical Fitness

After the relaxation in the pandemic restrictions, one sees more group physical activities among the children. This group was practicing various exercises including silambattam at the Indira Nagar MRTS off OMR.