Another beach: Another fishing village

Mahabalipuram fishing village
Mahabalipuram fishing village

Most houses on the beach front in Mahabalipuram have been converted to guest houses for tourists and short term residents. This trend seems to have upgraded the living standards of the locals. There are also signs of attempts to keep the place clean.



Hiding Cherub

Hiding cherub
Hiding cherub

The cherub behind the bush seems to be hiding from public view yet peeping out to see the Sunday morning visitors to the St.Patrick’s Church, St.Thomas Mount, Chennai.

The Chennai Photowalk, The Retro-walk #43

Young Devotee

Boy at Mar Thoma Church
Boy at Mar Thoma Church

The boy at Mar Thomagiri St.Mary Orthodox Church at Magazine Road St. Thomas Mount. As I took a quick snap, he became shy and ran to his mother. Even after being goaded by the mother he was hesitant to appear again. I am happy I got it the first time.

This church comes under the Madras Diocese of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church – mostly patronised by Malayalees. The crosses in their church are also quite ornate similar to the stone cross at St.Thomas Mount (Parangi malai, in local parlance)

From The Chennai Photowalk Retro-walk #43 St. Thomas Mount



Two-headed cow?

2 cows
Two headed cow?

These two cows were grazing on the streets of Madampakkam. Their feed mainly came from the garbage heaps.

The two cows standing one behind the other gives an illusion of a two headed animal.

East India Company and Hindustan

East India Company
East India Company

Ever wondered what happened to the hallowed East India Company?  There is a company in the UK which claims to be the successors to the original EIC with intention of becoming a luxury brand.

In our own Madras, that is Chennai, there is a company which goes by the same name. Located on Thambu Chetty Street, they are dealers for Hindware brand of bathroom fittings. Hindware is a product of Hindustan Sanitaryware. So who is colonizing whom – Hindustan or East India Company – I do not know.

EI comapny2
East India Company and Hindustan

Photoes taken with Xiaomi Redmi 4 Note.



Summary Punishment for Traffic Violation?

Traffic violation
summary punishment

Enforcement of traffic rules is notoriously slack in Chennai. So I was pleasantly surprised to see traffic police pulling up offenders on Radhakrishnan Salai. What caught my eye was a black noose made out of cable hanging from a nearby tree.

Maybe summary punishment for grave traffic violations? !

Captured in Xiaomi Redmi 4 Note

Fashion Show

Fashion show in triplicane
Fashion show in Triplicane

No marks for guessing where this is. A shop window Triplicane High Road