Blessed Canine

Cute dog in a divine setting

A dog in a Sai Baba shrine. Blessed indeed.

Taken during the morning walk with a phone camera.

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Relaxing during the lockdown

A cow occupying prime road space while the playschool awaits unlocking.

The Last One?

Post box

The red Post box or ‘pillar’ used to be ubiquitous in street corners. Now they are only a few functioning ones. Are we seeing the last one?


Reflections in puddles

A slight drizzle and there are puddles everywhere. It is slightly better now but the problem persists. May be due to uneven roads and poor slope for drainage.

Shot with phone camera and rotated.

Multiple Protection

Multiple protection

This van has a crash guard and multiple drishti icons to ward off the evil eye.

Designed by Nature 2

Geometry in Nature

We talk of Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence etc. They are all there in nature.