Silencer burnt here

Auto silencer lighting

The board in Tamil says: “Auto silencer burnt here”

A common sight in Chintadripet.

I could guess what this silencer ‘lighting’ or ‘burning’ was all about. It is a crude way of decarbonizing autorickshaw silencers. I could even locate a YouTube video on how to do it!


On the IT Expressway

Near Tidel Park on Old Mahabalipuram Road

On OMR, near Tidel Park, labelled as the IT Expressway. Shot with Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Green shoots?

Lockdown woes

The pandemic has adversely affected business, especially petty traders and service providers. This tricycle cart has been lying idle for the last 15 months. Even though most restrictions have been lifted this car has not found any use yet.

Designed by Nature

Symmetry in nature

Designed by Nature. Untouched by human hand.

This seed pod of Sterculia foetida had fallen on my terrace parapet wall as you see it. I just pulled out my phone camera, shot it and cropped the image. Nature’s designs are amazing.

The tree is also called poon tree or Peenari  or Kuthira pudukkan in Tamil.

I had posted a picture of a similar pod 13 years ago on Flickr

At that time I did not know the identity.

The fallen seeds attract  the red bug in hoards.

Rural Life

Farming during the lockdown

For a change, drove down to a farm near the city observing all the safety protocol. Was able to capture this typical farm scene.


At the Dharmeswara Temple, Manimangalam. The temple was built by the Cholas, but the village has an older history. This was the theatre of war between Badami Chalukyas and Pallavas led by Narasimhavarman I. This is also one of the Chaturvedimangalams.
Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Dharmeswarar. Goddess is Vedhambikai.
ASI is maintaining this temple. I first visited the temple in 2007. There is some improvement ow but it is offset by a new structure in bright blue roll-formed steel sheets in the outer prakaram. Definitely an eyesore. Villagers also freely graze cattle on the premises.
One of the cows grazing and the vimanam formed a nice reflection on a puddle.
See full screen (rotate, if you wish to)

Golden Showers

Yellow shower

Golden showers? No. Golden trumpet or yellow allamanda on a red car. #morningwalk #lockdowndiary.

Trio at the beach

Three men exercising at Marina beach, Chennai

Food Cart

This foodcart which looks like it is abandoned, transforms into a busy pani puri stall in the evening. It accepts digital payment through Paytm, Gpay, Bhim etc.

What Do You Think?

a) An old man leaning on a stick

b) An idol

c) A woman in a burqa

d) A car washing rag set out to dry!