The knowledgeable devotee

old devotee
old devotee

At the Prasanna Venkateswara Perumal temple, Saidapet, this senior citizen was very happy to share with us the anitquity of the temple and the stories associated with it. He specially mentioned the Ramar Sannidhi, which has both Ramar Kalyanam  in the form of Moolavar and Ramar Pattabhishekam  as Utsavar. According to him, the utsava moorthy was discovered much later from an excavation.

Wishing all my readers and followers a Very Happy new Year – 2017

Gopura Darsanam

Gopuram and Dwajasthambham
Gopuram and Dwajasthambham

‘Gopura darisanam kodi punyam’, goes the saying in Tamil. Gopuram is the tower at the entrance of a south Indian Hindu temple. For those who can not go to the temple for some reason, even viewing the tower is considered to be a blessing. The kodimaram or Dwaja stambham is the other tall structure.

Viewing both through my lens was indeed a blessing at the Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal temple in Saidapet. The bird in flight added to the dynamism of the image.

Dry White-Label ATM

White label ATM
White label ATM

A White Label ATM is one which is not from any bank but from and independent company. Tatas, Muthoot and a few others have put up white label ATMs. Tata’s brand is Indicash.

The Indicash ATM above advertises that it accepts all bank cards. However, due to the cash crunch consequent to the demonetization, it has run dry. Now the effects of cyclone Vardah has made it inaccessible too.

West Saidapet. The Chennai photowalk.

Eyeing the Golden Throne

The cat and the golden throne
The cat and the golden pedestal

Espied at the Perumal temple, Saidapet during The Chennai Photowalk.

Alamelmangai Sametha Prasanna Venkatesa Narasimha Perumal temple, to give the official name.

Merry Christmas to all! May Peace and Happiness prevail!

A personal note:  Though I have been blogging continuously everyday from January 2016, I realized from the archives that my first blog on this site was on 25th December 2009. That means this blog is 7 years old already. Awesome feeling!