Giant Pacman

Fish Installation on Elliott's Beach
Fish Installation on Elliott’s Beach

A new installation greets you at Elliot’s Beach, popularly called, Bessie. The aesthetic or utility value of it is not clear. Maybe it is used for collecting trash.

Anyway, it resembles a giant “Pac-man” one of the earliest computer/video games.

From The Chennai Photowalk, Car-Free Sunday, Retrowalk #68

Health Drink

Healthy Buttermilk
Healthy Buttermilk

With people becoming more health conscious, triggered by articles in the social and traditional media, we find many new & resurrected dishes and drinks on the market. This cart sells Spirulina Buttermilk and Flax Seed Buttermilk to morning walkers on Besant Nagar Beach.

The Chennai Photowalk – Retrowlk #68

The PCO is Dead: Long Live the PCO

PCO is now flower shop
PCO is now flower shop

In the recent past, when a telephone was a rarity and  a luxury most people depended on the Public Call Office (PCO) for everyday communication. The PCO’s  were run by youth or women entrepreneurs. Sometimes, they were annexed to a traditional business.

With the advent of cheap and easily accessible mobile telephony, the PCO is now dead. (almost). Here an erstwhile PCO has been successfully transformed into a flower shop by two enterprising women.

The Rickshaw wallah

Cycle rickshaw wala on Kutcheri road
Cycle rickshaw wala on Kutcheri road

Meet Dorai, a cycle rickshaw wallah on Kutchety Road, Mylapore. His vehicle was run down – with the seat covers peeling off, exposing the bare foam. The frame and fittings were also rusted. Though he looked over 50, he claims that he is only 39 years old. For all practical purposes, he seems to be eating and sleeping in his rickshaw.


Colour of the Robe

Valluvar Statue behind plastic sheets
Valluvar Statue behind plastic sheets

Recently, a controversy has erupted in the political circles about the colour of the robe of Thiruvalluvar.

This gave me an opportunity to go back to my archives of photographers from the Thiruvalluvar temple, Mylapore.

As the temple was under renovation the idols were wrapped up in plastic sheets. As the weather-beaten blue sheets were crumbling the idols emerged hesitantly.

The next controversy could be about his beard or tuft.