Ramakrishna temple

Universal Temple

Ramakrishna Mutt temple

The Ramakrishna Mutt is very much part of the Madras landscape since the late 19th century. It lends its name to the arterial road from Mylapore to Adyar. The new temple built a few years ago adds tot he skyline of the city. The Universal temple synthesizes the architectural elements of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain temples. Inspiration has also been drawn from Cathedrals and Moghul gardens.


Children during the Pandemic

Peeping out.

I pass this newly built apartment complex everyday during my morning walks. As it faces a street, it has the mandatory Pillayar shrine where pooja is performed twice a day even during the lockdown. The brightly coloured gates catch your eye. One of the gate panels has a gap where I have seen some children peep out. Since then I have been looking out for the peeping kids and was able to capture the kids and the shrine in one frame yesterday. The kids seem to be pleading to the God to set them free from the pandemic restrictions

Hope their prayers will be answered soon.

[Taken with Samsung Note 9 phone camera]

Precious Water

Slogan on a water tank

A slogan on a water tanker in water challenged Chennai. “Motherland is as precious as your eyes: Water is as precious as Gold”

Old Age

Dried, colourless, wrinkled, lightweight.

Rain Forest?

Not a rain forest, but an unoccupied plot in the heart of Adyar. Adjacent to my apartment.