One and Only

A store front in Anna Nagar announcing a sale.



Lest we forget

Lest we forget when the lockdown started. A tear-off daily calendar on the dashboard of a taxi parked near a school since March 2020.

Post Box

Post box on the wall of an ancient temple.

Does it reflect the state of our heritage temples today?

Thirumazhisai, near Chennai.

Buying Undergarments


Dilemma in buying undergarments: To buy on-line or offline?

A scene from Washermanpet, Chennai

Mysterious Butterball

Krishna’s Butterball . A geological curiosity

This delicately balanced boulder in the historical town of Mamallapuram [Mahabalipuram] is popularly referred as ‘Krishna’s Butterball’. It is about 6m long and 5 mtrs high and believed to weigh 250 tonnes. It is a major tourist attraction and a geological enigma.

From Pallava period onwards, several attempts have been made to move this boulder but all have been unsuccessful.

I was inspired to post this from my archives after being prompted by recent Facebook post of the Butterball at nighttime by Navneeth clicks.

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