The Indifferent, the Involved and the Curious

Attitude towards news
Attitude towards news

It is Madras Day.

The hot news of the day is the merger of the two factions of the ruling party and related realignments. The attitude towards this news is amply reflected in the body language of these three.

The old man seems to be indifferent with a ‘I-have-seen-it-all’ attitude.

The middle aged man is deeply involved in the news.

The younger guy is curious.

From the Madras Week Photowalk in Mylapore today.


Superman’s Abode

Superman's house?
Superman’s house?

A young man with a Superman T-Shirt in front of a humble abode. Near Arulmigu Kothandaramar Temple, Manapakkam


Muneeswaran at Burma colony, Ekkattuthangal
Muneeswaran at Burma Colony, Ekkattuthangal

The Muneeswaran statue towers about 40 feet at Burma Colony Angaleswari Temple, Ekkattuthangal.

From a Photowalk in 2016.

Vinayaka Chathurthi

Ganeshas for chaturthi
Ganeshas for chaturthi  

Vinayaka Chaturhti (or Ganesh chathurthi or pillayar chathurthi) is around the corner. I am longing to see the array of clayey and colourful Ganeshas in the market. More exciting would be a visit to the place where they are made. In Trivandrum, I could easily locate and visit centres where the pillyars were made. Can someone give me some locations in Chennai? I heard someone say, ‘Kosappet’.



Another beach: Another fishing village

Mahabalipuram fishing village
Mahabalipuram fishing village

Most houses on the beach front in Mahabalipuram have been converted to guest houses for tourists and short term residents. This trend seems to have upgraded the living standards of the locals. There are also signs of attempts to keep the place clean.


Abandoned structure in Vellore

This ruined structure of some antiquity was spotted adjacent to the Highway NH 48 /AH 45 about 10 kms from Vellore near a place called Abdullapuram. It is just before the road turning to the Sripuram golden temple.

A teashop owner near the structure told me that it is called ‘mall’ (?) and was ‘built by the raja for his use”. Probably he meant one of the nawabs.

Now it is being used as a cattle shed. Being very close to a National highway, its days are definitely numbered.

Can someone throw some light on this structure and its history?

The World is My Studio – Koyambedu

ographer in Koyambedu flower market
A Photographer in Koyambedu flower market

The Chennai Photowalk

The Chennai Photowalkers are at home anywhere, including the dark and congested interiors of the Koyambedu flower market.

The Koyambedu Wholesale Market Complex is one of the largest market complexes for perishable goods in Asia. Inaugurated in 1996, it spreads over 296 acres of land and houses blocks for vegetables, fruits and flowers. It accommodates about 3000 shops, most which were shifted out of Chennai city’s central areas like Kothwal chavadi, flower bazaar etc., in the George Town area.

See an earlier post from Kothawal Chavadi

146 days to Madras Day. {22nd August}

Silhouette at the Market

A silhouette at the Kamaraj Flower Market Koyambedu
A silhouette at the Kamaraj Flower Market Koyambedu

Ignorance or vandalism


Old mandapam plastered over.

An old mandapam with granite pillars in Triplicane has been built up with bricks and cement and converted into a garage or stores by someone. Are we ignorant of our heritage or have scant regards for it?



Deserted Subway

Mount Road Subway
Mount Road Subway

5 p.m on a weekday is a very busy time on Mount Road. But the subway in front of the post office was deserted. There were just two pedestrians (in picture) and two sleeping men on the floor other than me. Looked little daunting.

Taken with a Redmi 4 note.