Selfie on the Beach

Morning selfie at the Elliot's Beach
Morning selfie at the Elliot’s Beach

Anytime is selfie time; any place is selfie place. Morning scene at Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar on Pongal day.



Indian Medicine Practitioner

100 year - old shop in Mylapore
Kannan, 44 years in a 100-year shop

(Dr.) Kannan, as the board says is an ‘Indian Medicine Practioner’. I was attracted by the quaint shop and its contents and layout. Mr Kannan was happy to pose. He said that the shop is 100-years old and he has been there for 44 years.

TN Bus strike and the passengers

TN Bus strike and passengers
Damocles’ sword over TN Bus passengers

As the strike by the employees of the monopolistic TN Transport service enters the 4th day, there appears to be no relief for the passengers. This bus shelter in Luz, Mylapore has a prominent poster of a shaving razor (announcing a new eponymous Tamil film).

It seems to indicate the fate of the passengers.

The Chennai Photowalk; Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival 2018

Sunset over Mylapore

Sunset over Mylapore tank
Sunset over Mylapore tank

Dusk – when the real and the unreal are indistinguishable.

Sunset over Mylapore Temple tank on a Margazhi day. No editing except for the watermark.

Mylapore Festival begins

Another view of Kapaleeswarar temple, Mylapore
Another view of Kapaleeswarar temple, Mylapore

The Mylapore Festival is on. The mandap in front of the temple was open and one could have a different view of the gopuram through the vaahanam cart placed there. The pillars in the mandapam had several figures carved on them.

For the Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival 2018 details. click here. 

The Corn Seller at the beach


Roasting corn at Elliot's Beach
Roasting corn at Elliot’s Beach

Today’s daily photo blog was shot at the Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar.

The young lady sells roasted sweet corn cobs. The sparks coming out of the oven is an interesting sight, but difficult to capture. Here is my attempt.


The Revenge of the Tamilian

Wall poster for job opportunities
Wall poster for job opportunities

If North Indians can ‘murder’ English and Tamil, the Tamilian can do the same with Hindi.

A poster near Central Station announcing job opportunities for helpers. It also reflects the profile of the target audience.

Safe and Secure

Door & Lock
Door & Lock

An old-fashioned brass lock and a collapsible door. Is this one of the famous Dindigul locks which The Hindu wrote about a couple of days ago? click here for The Hindu story.

During the evacuation of Madras at the time of WWII, in some houses, the locks on the doors were stolen for their brass content. See Madras Minutes.

Faces of Chennai

Young man with a smartphone
Young man with a smartphone

This is Madan from West Mambalam.

From Chennai Photowalk.


Down to Earth Planets

Navagraha shrine, Thiruneermalai
Navagraha shrine, Thiruneermalai

Thiruneermalai temple, near Pallavaram, Chennai is unique for many reasons. The fact that Perumal appears in four different poses (Ninra – standing, kidantha -reclining, nadantha – walking and irundha – sitting ) is only one of them.

In fact, there are two separate temples. One in the foothills adjacent to the road (Neervanna Perumal – Lord Rama in standing pose) and one in the top of the hill which has three shrines – Ranganatha (reclining ) is the main deity. Soumya Narasimha (sitting) and Thrivikrama or Ulagalantha Perumal (walking pose) are on a higher floor.

The modest navagraha shrine is on the roadside behind the Neervanna Perumal temple, by the side of the Pushkarani.

The kiosk adjacent to this was closed. It is perhaps a store selling puja materials. Thankfully, it is painted with ‘kaavi’ stripes to go with the temple and not covered with any garish paint or posters.