Value Adders 2

At a tea shop on Kutcheri road

An immigrant minding the store on Kutchery Road Mylapore.

Migrants, Casual labourers, self-employed, small time service providers etc. are all value adders in our economic chain. I call them DEVAs (Deep End Value Adders). They are visible, yet invisible because we ignore them or take them for granted.

From my archives I am posting a few of these DEVAs (includes both genders) in a series.

Pied Piper and the Film Star

Another migrant eking his livelihood
Another migrant eking his livelihood

Take any street and you will find an industrious migrant from states like Bihar, Odisha or Bengal hawking something or the other. This hawker adds music to his selling efforts in front of a poster of a popular film star on North Mada Street during the Mylapore Festival.

May his efforts bring him success!

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