Beedi – Poor man’s cigarette

Beedi, Indian cigarette
Man lighting a beedi

This man is about to light his beedi, a thin Indian cigarette. It is made of tobacco leaves or flakes wrapped in tendu leaves and tied with a string. It is inexpensive and is popular among the poor smokers. It could be more harmful than the cigarette. However, there is little effort to curb bidi smoking. Bidis rolling is a cottage industry providing employment for several people from the weaker sections.

LIC Building, once the pride of Madras

LIC Building
LIC Building

The 14-storey LIC building was once one of the tallest buildings in India. It was a tourist attraction and a must-see for the residents. One could go up to the terrace for a view of Mount road and the city. Entry for the public was closed after a person committed suicide by jumping down.

Today the building stands meekly eyeing the developments all around.

Albino Central station

Albino Central: A rare sight

The red iconic building of Central station is often the symbol of Chennai. So it was a rare sight to see a white Central station when the repainting was going on a few months ago.

Now the original red colour is restored. I shall try to post the picture of red Central station in all its glory here tomorrow



Home Composting Made Easy

Khamba - clay composting pot from Goli Soda Store
Khamba – composting pot from Goli Soda Store

We, the residents of the eight apartments in Eden Dale have joined the home composting brigade. A khamba, consisting of three composting pots was procured from GoliSoda Store (

The khamba is  placed on the ground floor near the pump house. Residents deposit their segregated organic waste into a bucket nearby and once a day, the waste is loaded into the khamba. This reduces the number times the khamba is opened and handled. The manure produced will be used in our garden. We may go in for one more khamba if all residents deposit their organic waste in this regularly.

Feel proud to be part of this nice initiative. Thanks to the secretary  and GoliSoda Store.