The Human Evolution

Vandals on Schmidt Memorial
Vandals on Schmidt Memorial

The evolution of apes into vandals. Or is it humans into apes?

Vandalising the historic Schmidt memorial on Elliot’s Beach


Lament of the crows

Crows on the beach
Lament of the crows

“Nobody photographs us (except this crazy uncle)” seems to be the lament of these crows on Elliot’s Beach.

Any place to express love

Love symbol
Love symbol

Skywriting in reverse?

Heart symbol doodled in dust on the bonnet of an abandoned car.

Gandhinagar Adyar. Sunday morning Chennai Photowalk #121


Active Women of Chennai


Women going to work on a Sunday
Women going to work on a Sunday

A couple of young women walking briskly to work on a Sunday morning on Mount Road (Anna Salai) a couple of days before Women’s Day.

The building in the background is the Addision Building with its identifiable arches.



Windows to a vanishing heritage

Windows of the crumbling Bharat Insurance Building
Windows of the crumbling Bharat Insurance Building

Another view of the partially demolished Bharat Insurance Building. The High Court ordered a stay on demolition based on a  case was filed by INTACH.

The building has been in the half-demolished condition for the last 10 years or so.



Early morning sun makes its own patterns in the partly demolished Bharat Insurance Building (Kardyl Building). The 120 – year old building was a grand specimen of Indo-Saracenic style.

This shape resembles the old arcade game Pacman, nibbling away what remains of the building.

PS: It may also be case of ‘Mere saamne waali khidike me chand ka tukda…” [मेरे सामने वाली खिड़ीके में एक चाँद का टुकड़ा … ]

Nasty and Dynasty

Urinating on a poster
Urinating on a poster, in Anna Salai

Committing nuisance in public and posters extolling a dynasty, a politician or a film star –  common sights in Chennai

Oldest Bookstore

Higginbotham's Bookstore 1844
Higginbotham’s Bookstore 1844

Higginbothams is perhaps the oldest bookstore in India. It was started by an English stowaway, Abel Higginbothams in 1844. It was taken over by the Amalgamations Group (Simpson’s) in 1945.

During our growing up years, Higginbothams was the go-to shop for any books. Most railway stations in South India also had a Higginbothams stall (some still exist) where we picked up newspapers, magazines and Perry Mason paperbacks (for about 4 or 5 rupees) during travel.

Despite the onslaught of competition from new generation bookstores, online stores, and ebooks, Higginbothams has survived. What is more, the management has restored the iconic heritage building on Mount Road. Our esteem for the management of Amalgamations Group goes up when we see the historic Bharat Insurance Building (Kardyl building) just opposite to Higginbothams which was to be razed to the ground by the Government-owned LIC to put up a ‘modern’ monstrosity.

Divine Intervention or Detererent?

divine blessings
Divine blessings. A scene in Seven Wells

A scene in Seven Wells, Chennai.

The image of Jesus could several purposes. Protections of the vehicle or prevention of people dumping garbage, committing nuisance or just squatting in front (note the concrete with sharp stones projecting).