Ignorance or vandalism


Old mandapam plastered over.

An old mandapam with granite pillars in Triplicane has been built up with bricks and cement and converted into a garage or stores by someone. Are we ignorant of our heritage or have scant regards for it?



The other Chandra Babu Naidu

Pooja article seller in Villivakkam
Pooja article seller in Villivakkam

This is Chandra Babu Naidu, the namesake of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister. He runs a shop selling pooja articles in front of a temple in Villivakkam. When I pointed out to the more famous namesake, he calmly said that he has been in this business for decades whereas his more famous namesake came into prominence much later.


Deserted Subway

Mount Road Subway
Mount Road Subway

5 p.m on a weekday is a very busy time on Mount Road. But the subway in front of the post office was deserted. There were just two pedestrians (in picture) and two sleeping men on the floor other than me. Looked little daunting.

Taken with a Redmi 4 note.


Vintage Dodge Kingsway Convertible

Dodge Kingsway Convertible 1954
a vintage Dodge 1953
Dodge interior (note: left-hand drive)

Collateral Damage by Metro Rail.

Abandoned generator panel from a defunct petrol station.

The advent of Metro rail in a locality normally signals progress and prosperity. However, the extended construction process has left many adversely affected. Most businesses near the  Metro line  are tottering on the brink waiting for very rosy days once the metro rail is commissioned. Some businesses have completely shut down giving a ghost town effect to the area. One such business is a petrol station in Anna Nagar. This is the image of a  panel of an abandoned generator in that defunct petrol station.

Let us hope for better days once the Metro line is commissioned.

New Technology? 

Did I miss something when I slept? In the olden days the wayside tyre mechanic ran the inflated tube through a tub of water to pinpoint the location of the puncture . He may then insert a used matchstick in the hole to see its size and tag it.  If you are curious, he will show you with flourish the extent of damage.

Today, things look different. Ultrasound scan to locate the puncture? Do you need a prescription from the mechanic? Does the mechanic get a kickback like the doctors?

You can trust the health care profession for market expansion by hook or crook!

Just kidding!

The Chennai Photo walk # 109

Drishti – another point of view

Drishti lemon and chillies viewed from below
Drishti lemon and chillies viewed from below

Veteran watchman

Senior watchman, Kathavarayan
Senior watchman, Kathavarayan

Mr Kathavarayan is an old watchman manning  one of the stores in Anna nagar. He was a good conversationalist and recalled seeing a movie by name Kathavarayan, starring Shivaji Ganesan. I did not ask him about his Aryamala!

Wikipedia on this 1958 movie:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaathavaraayan

The complete man and a woman

Raymond man and woman
Raymond man and woman

I found this incongruous image of an old woman and a poster of a  Raymond man on a shopfront.

The Chennai Photowalk, Anna Nagar.

Starting Early

Newspaper vendors
Newspaper vendors

I have always appreciated the newspaper vendors and milk distributors of Chennai.  Even when there were natural and man made disruption of normal life, they provided the requite service in time.

Both these groups have to start the day very early to meet the dawn deadline of the customers.

This boy in Anna nagar seems to be starting even earlier in helping his father.