Temple Staff

Temple Housekeeper
Temple Housekeeper

Even wayside temples provide employment or livelihood for scores of people. This gentleman was probably a self-appointed caretaker of a wayside temple near the Perungudi Lake. He was active in cleaning up the place, helping devotees and even performing pooja for new vehicles.



The Chennai Photowalk

Only 12 Days to Madras Day


The Jaguar Leaper

The Jaguar Leaper
The Jaguar Leaper

The leaping jaguar is the most prestigious hood ornament on cars, easily recognized, and looked at with awe.

The Jaguar Leaper has been missing in the recent models. Several theories are out there to justify this omission Рsafety (protruding element), technical (interferes with the new bonnet mechanism), and brand repositioning. For me, all these are unconvincing arguments.  A Jag without the jag is no Jag, right?

From the Chennai Heritage Car Show, 5th August 2018, Sri Ramachandra Convention Centre Chennai. organized by the Madras Heritage Motoring Club.

Madrasa suthi pakka poraen

Vintage car rally
Vintage car rally

A scene from the Vintage Car show at Sri Ramachandra Convention Centre. Reminded me of the song ‘Madrasa Suthi Pakka Poraen’ from the movie May maadham.

Senior Citizen

Mr Kalyanam 84 years old
Mr Kalyanam 84 years old

Meet Mr.Kalyanam, the 84 – year old resident of the agraharam attached to the Kashi Vishwanathar Koil at Ayanavaram. Despite his age, he was quite energetic and was clearing the garbage to the nearby bin. He was very happy to narrate his old days in the agraharam as well as pose for photos.





Graffiti on abandoned bridge
Graffiti on the abandoned bridge

Graffiti greets visitors to the Broken Bridge across Adya river at Uroor Olcott kuppam

Stigma and Style

Light mast
Light Mast

The light mast at Elliot’s Beach reminded me of my early lesson in Botany. parts of a flower (hibiscus) with its stigma and style (or is it pistil?). Let the experts label them.

Changing Skyline of Chennai

Sky walk the pedestrian bridge to Ramanujan IT park
Skywalk – the pedestrian bridge to Ramanujan IT park

Recently a skywalk was constructed to connect the Tiruvanmiyur MRTS station and the Ramanujan IT park and other IT parks nearby.

At night it is lit by lights of different hues.



Beyond the runway
Beyond the runway

Ranga thottam is a little-known oasis near Cowl’s Bazaar just behind the Chennai International airport.

It is a large tract of land where jasmines, okras, chillies, greens and other vegetables are grown.

Farmer Brothers

Vinoth Kumar and Sanjay Kumar
Vinoth Kumar and Sanjay Kumar at the farm

Vinoth Kumar and Sanjay Kumar are brothers. They help their father Ramesh at the jasmine farm at Ranga¬†thottam, a green oasis near Cowl’s Bazaar behind Chennai Airport.

Vinoth is a silambam artiste and he practices regularly in the village grounds. Both attend the local government school.

From the Chennai Photowalk

The title ‘Farmer Brothers’ is inspired by the eponymous bakery and juice shop in Dadar Circle, Bombay which I used to frequent in the 1970’s as a young executive.

Can you solve this puzzle?

changeover switch conundrum
changeover switch conundrum

A conundrum. Which is off: which is on? I was confused. Hope the operators of the standby generator understand.

From the Chennai Photowalk.