Abandoned structure in Vellore

This ruined structure of some antiquity was spotted adjacent to the Highway NH 48 /AH 45 about 10 kms from Vellore near a place called Abdullapuram. It is just before the road turning to the Sripuram golden temple.

A teashop owner near the structure told me that it is called ‘mall’ (?) and was ‘built by the raja for his use”. Probably he meant one of the nawabs.

Now it is being used as a cattle shed. Being very close to a National highway, its days are definitely numbered.

Can someone throw some light on this structure and its history?


Garuda the divine vehicle
Garuda the divine vehicle

This Garuda has just been constructed out of cement plaster at a new extension to the Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Egmore. As it was in plain cement colour I processed it in Lightroom and Nik collections for this Monochrome effect. I couldn’t do much with the distracting background.

Comments and critiques welcome.

From the Chennai Photowalk. Retrowalk #40 Egmore.