Booster Dose

A booster before the ironing chore
A booster before the ironing chore

Old ironing lady inTondiarpet recharging before her arduous task of ironing the clothes.


Stay Home: Stay Safe

Self quarantine

One can’t be overcareful these days. Stay home: stay safe.




Though typewriters are almost extinct, I am told that they are being used in some Government offices. As a result, there are some typewriting institutes still survive, like this one on Kutchery Road.

From The Chennai Photowalk: The Streets of North Mylapore.

Sunrise over temple

Sunrise over Nemam temple
Sunrise over Nemam temple

Sunrise over a small temple in Nemam Village near Chennai

The Chennai Photowalk


Let’s Dance

Siblings bonding
Siblings bonding

The newly created pedestrian plaza in Pondy Bazar under the Smart City plan, is a great place for families to spend time together after or before or instead of shopping.

Hope stakeholders will keep it that way.

Auto in Purdah

Sari clad auto rickshaw
Sari clad auto rickshaw

Saris to protect the new vehicle.

From Ezhil Nagar  : Photowalk for a Cause #3

Clean India

SWachh Bharar poster
Swachh Bharat poster

Such posters and slogans have been around for some time. Is there any improvement on the ground?


Underwater Photography

Murals and the photographer
Murals and the photographer

A mural adorning one of the walls of the Art District of Kannagi Nagar depicted an underwater scene.

Edited in Lightroom.

From Photowalk for a Cause #3

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Most Beautiful Sound

The unique Tamil letter
The unique Tamizh letter

The letter ழ (zha) is unique to Thamizh and some South Indian Languages. Speakers of other tongues find it difficult to pronounce this.

I have also heard some Tamizh politicians saying, ” தமிளுக்கு ‘ள’ தான் அளகு.”

Image from a mural in the Art District, Kannagi Nagar.



Sepia Sisters

Girls and grandpa
Girls and grandpa

For the photographers on a walk in the Art District at Kannagi Nagar, Chennai, the most popular location was a building with the image of two smiling children in Black and White. These two girls and the old man were also the cynosures of the lenses.

For a change, I thought they will look different and better in sepia tone.

From Photowalk With A Cause #3. Kannagi Nagar /Ezhil Nagar