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In the sanctum of Valian kuttai ratham

In the sanctum of Valian kuttai ratham

Very few visitors to Mamallapuram get to see the Pidari Ratham and Valian kuttai rathams.These are located about 500 mtrs West of Arjuna’s penance and can be reached by road. The entrance to the complex is close to ECR.

Both rathams are unfinished structures carved out of huge boulders. The work has begun from the top but the bottom is not completed. They resemble huge ‘Chettiar bommais’ at the bottom. The sanctums are also not complete and one is not sure for which god(s) these are meant for.

When we reached the Valiankuttai ratham, a man was peacefully sleeping in the niche, oblivious of the visitors.


Unlikely skateboarder

This unlikely skateboarder was spotted on his way to the Shore Temple, Mamallapuram.


The devotees of Melmaruvathur Adhi Parasakthi normally wear pure red. Looks like they have now changed to wearing saris in Red with yellow designs. Recently, several busloads of them were seen in Mahabalipuram combining a picnic with pilgrimage.

A scene near the Butter Ball, Mamallapuram.


Men and monkeys

Near the Arjuna’s penance, Mahabalipuram.

Sculpture of two monkeys – one picking lice from the head of the other-  and three tired travellers.

Are they coming?

A temple worker seems to be looking out for the more devotees who are on the way.

At Thirumazhisai.



The modern and the sacred


Two towers

An ancient temple flag post juxtaposed against a modern cell phone communication tower.

A scent from the Othandeeswarar temple, Thirumazhisai.


From the Chennai Photowalk #107




Begging cow

There is a cacophony of debate about “Jallikkattu” in the media and on the streets. But no one seems to care for this cow which had to go from shop to shop for something to munch.

The Chennai Photowalk #107, Thirumazhisai.



Picture within a picture

phone camera
phone camera

We often say, “the best camera is the one you have with you”. Using this yardstick, the phone camera wins all the time. It is handy, quick, inconspicuous and always with you – well, almost always.
So, I wasn’t surprised when my fellow photographer kept his SLR aside to use his phone camera to capture this lovely temple tower.

I also prefer the phone when I need the GPS co-ordinates or when I want to share an image immediately.

The Chennai Photowalk #107



What a puff sirji!

What a puff sirji!
What a puff sirji!

Despite the ban on smoking in public places, the practice seems to continue.

A scene from a bus stand opposite to a temple.

The Chennai Photowalk #107

Camera Seva

Camera Seva
Camera Seva

A photo enthusiast at the Perumal temple, Thirumazhisai on Vaikunda Ekadasi day.

Chennai Photowalk #107