Radiogram on the roadside

Some of you who are older, may remember the radiogram. A cabinet housing a radio and gramophone. In the fifties and sixties, this was to be found only in the really upper upper income households. Being a symbol of wealth, this was prominently displayed in the drawing room by the owners.  For those who have not seen one, here is a link to an image.

This morning, while returning from my morning walk, I was amused to see this music cabinet abandoned near the roadside junk bin. Though this was tall and narrow, it reminded me of an old radiogram.

Location: 4th Cross Road, Indira Nagar, Adyar. (12.998188, 80.252153)

music box
Music box


Recently, on  a trip to Coimbatore, I saw this retrofitted juke box in the lobby of a hotel.






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