A car mockup trashed
A car mockup trashed

A mock up of a car abandoned  near trash can in front of a school.

Note that the bin is not full but the garbage is all around it.



Early morning sun makes its own patterns in the partly demolished Bharat Insurance Building (Kardyl Building). The 120 – year old building was a grand specimen of Indo-Saracenic style.

This shape resembles the old arcade game Pacman, nibbling away what remains of the building.

PS: It may also be case of ‘Mere saamne waali khidike me chand ka tukda…” [मेरे सामने वाली खिड़ीके में एक चाँद का टुकड़ा … ]

Aattu kallus on the Main Road

People in Chennai do not think twice before throwing their discards on the streets – be it garbage, abandoned furniture , construction debris, packing materials and what-not.

Recently I saw three grinding stones (the pestle part of an Aaattu kallu, used for grinding idli -dosa batter) right on the busy Rama Krishna Mutt Road opposite to Mylapore tank.

What next?


Collateral Damage by Metro Rail.

Abandoned generator panel from a defunct petrol station.

The advent of Metro rail in a locality normally signals progress and prosperity. However, the extended construction process has left many adversely affected. Most businesses near the  Metro line  are tottering on the brink waiting for very rosy days once the metro rail is commissioned. Some businesses have completely shut down giving a ghost town effect to the area. One such business is a petrol station in Anna Nagar. This is the image of a  panel of an abandoned generator in that defunct petrol station.

Let us hope for better days once the Metro line is commissioned.