Skating Rink

Skating rink in Shenoy Nagar
Duo preparing for a performance at the Shenoy Nagar skating rink

I was not aware the there was a skating rink in Shenoy Nagar worthy of holding international selection trials.

When we photo walkers visited Shenoy Nagar Pulla Reddy Avenue we were fortunate to witness the World Artistic Skating Championship Selection Trials and Camp. We were also told that there was Mr. Anup Kumar, an Arjuna awardee among the participants. He had won international laurels representing India.

The Chennai Photowalk #112 Shenoy Nagar

Thirst Quencher

Tender coconut for summer
Tender coconut for summer

This woman makes living selling tender coconuts to quench the thirst of her customers. For her thirst, she has a quick swig of water from a plastic bottle.

The Chennai Photowalk #112 Shenoy Nagar

Protection from the heat

Hooded trio
Hooded trio

It is the first week of June. Yet, there is no respite from the heat.

Here, three migrant workers walking near the Metro Station, Shenoy Nagar at 9 in the morning.

The Chennai Photowalk #112.

Chariot for the Gods

Sri Kodanda Ramar temple ther
Sri Kodanda Ramar temple ther

Almost every Hindu temple has a wooden chariot or “ther” to take out the idols on procession on designated occasions. Though they are used only occasionally, great attention is given to the chariots. Most have very elaborate wooden carvings matching or even surpassing the stone sculptures in beauty. They are also adorned with all ‘alankarams’ when needed: otherwise, they are confined to their sheds. Modern technology is nowadays used for wheels, axles, brakes etc to enhance the safety factor.

The above ‘ther’ is from the Kodanda Rama Temple, West Mambalam. It has recently been spruced up for a festival.



Photographers hunt in threes

Photographers hunt in threes
Photographers hunt in threes

Photographers of the Chennai Photowalk hunt early before most businesses open and hunt in groups.

The Chennai Photowalk #111 near the CIT Nagar Nandhi statue.

Exactly 100 more days to #MadrasDay 2017

Pet Lovers

pet lovers
Off to the vet with the pet

These two anxious-looking youngsters were rushing their puppy to the Kannammapet pet clinic. Unfortunately, being Sunday the centre was closed. The duo returned disappointed.

The name board of the centre says that it is not only a pet welfare centre but also dog neutering point. A website dated 2013 says that the centre has a dog shelter, dog burial ground, and other facilities – perhaps a first in India. I am not sure if all the planned amenities are in place.

Chittibabu, the potter

Chittibabu, the potter in Kannammapet
Chittibabu, the pottery seller

Chittibabu, the potter near Kannammapet cemetery used to have his own kiln and pottery here. However, the urban pressures made him abandon the making of pottery. Now he only sells pottery from a small thatched shed. He procures the wares from the districts of TN and Andhra. Despite the truncation of his business he seems to be happy and contended.

The Chennai Photowalk #111. The faces of Chennai

102 days to MadrasDay.


AAP Symbol for sale


Broom seller

“Who cares if Kejriwal has taken a bribe or he has a spat with the Lt.Governor? I have to start early to earn my livelihood”. This aam admi broomstick seller seems to say.

A scene from Kannammapet (yes, near the cemetery) CIT Nagar. T Nagar.

The Chennai Photowalk # 111

103 days to #MadrasDay.


Family for rent

Funny signs
Funny signs

Why worry about privacy and security of Aadhar and PAN cards when you can have family and ‘bacholres’ on hire?

A sign stuck on an electrical junction box (normally monopolized by dull yellow posters offering cure for Piles, impotency etc).

The Chennai photowalk #111 CIT Nagar and Madley road.

105 days to Madras Day 2017

Learning English the easy way

sleeping man in front of English academy
sleeping man in front of English academy

Vivekananda Kalvi Nilayam is one of the biggest and most popular spoken English training institutes in India. They started in a small place near Madley road subway before spreading out to various centres. The old centre is still functioning.

This sleeping man in front of the centre seems to have a different idea of ‘convenient classes’. Who knows, technology may enable us to learn subconsciously while sleeping!

The Chennai Photowalk #111

106 days to Madras Day 2017