Kodukkapuli vendor in Luz
Kodukkapuli vendor in Luz

I had always associated kodukkapuli with my school days in Madras. Coincidentally, it is from a tree called Madras Thorn or Manila Tamarind. Both monikers are technically inaccurate according to Dr. Wikipedia. The Botanical name is Pithacellobeum Dulce.

I had not seen this much in recent times. However, my daughter, a keener observer, tells me that it makes its annual appearances on the streets during the season.

This vendor was displaying his ware early in the morning near the Sanskrit college.


6 thoughts on “Kodukkapuli

  1. yes,I too remember my childhood days when we used to relish this particular seed,sold on the way side roads.Till I saw your photo of this I concede ,I totally forgot this particular seed, leave alone its name. Thanks for making me cherish my school days.

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  2. I still remember them when I was a young girl. I pluck them, ate the white thing inside when the outside is red, and threw away the seeds. There were lots that grew by the roadside on the way to my grandmother’s house. They grow in tropical countries, but I did not know they grow in India too, now I know.

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