Bureaucratic Blindness

Children’s Garden Slide (rear)

Another site falls to bureaucracy.

The park/plaza under MRTS in Indiranagar / Thiruvanmiyur is one of the better things that have happened in the city. I go there often, many times with the camera and I have some memorable pictures of this place. When I went there 2 days ago with my granddaughter I was told by security that cameras are not allowed, but “mobile photo is Ok”. When asked for details he said that this is recent order of the Corporation probably due to ‘the lovers coming’. What he probably meant was pre-wedding photography. (I haven’t seen any here, though). It is ironic that the project which is sponsored and maintained by a Matrimony site discourages ‘lovers’.

Permission to use the camera here has to come from the Area office of the Corporation according to the helpful but partially informed security guard. One can imagine the red tape involved in the process of getting a permit for casual /tourist photography.

Why don’t the authorities realize that photographs can popularize the project and can also act as useful feedback for the higher-ups?


One thought on “Bureaucratic Blindness

  1. I have heard one hilarious beauracratic behaviour. A junior officer wrongly initialled a line in his note, which was not appropriate. His boss reviewed and advised him to strike off the initials and again mark his initials !


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