Family playing pallankuzhi
Family playing pallankuzhi

Pallankuzhi is a traditional board game from Tamil Nadu. It is also played in other parts of South India. The board is usually made of wood with 2 rows of depressions (kuzhis) of 7 each. The 14 kuzhis are loaded with counters – usually cowrie shells or manjadi beans. The board can also be made in other materials like steel, brass, bronze, ivory, granite, etc. It is designed for 2 players who take turns in picking the counters and distributing over the other kuzhis in a specified manner.

It was popular with children and older women. It is believed to improve counting abilities and hand-eye coordination among growing children.

Above, a family playing Pallankuzhi during The Chennai Photowalk Retrowlak #68 Car Free Sunday at Bessie beach.



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