Tomatoes – worth its weight in gold

Tomatoes - closeup
Tomatoes – closeup

The price of tomato has increased steadily in the last fortnight and is hovering around Rs80 and 100 per kilo at the retail level. The arrivals from production centres have fallen drastically. The drought in production centres is said to be one of the reasons. With the prices of many vegetables galloping upwards and the prices of dals refusing to come down, the consumers are really at their  wit’s ends. One wonders if the official figures of consumer price index reflect reality.

For the tomato vendor at the Villivakkam market, it is just another day.

Tomato vendor at Villivakkam
Tomato vendor at Villivakkam

Taken on Sunday, 12th June 2016, during the Chennai Photowalk at Villivakkam Market , Station Road.

Co-ordinates: 13.109866, 80.207724



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