The Street is My Studio

Street Studio

A common sight. Aspiring models and photographers use the painted walls of Indira Nagar MRTS station walls as a backdrop for their shoots.


Chai Pe Charcha

Tea shop chat

Youngsters taking a break from morning walk for a cuppa and some chat. Besant Nagar

Testing out my new Sony A 6400

More Silambam

Devaraj Aasaan Silamba Koodam

Silambam seems to be increasing in popularity and it bodes well for the children in the city. After the group in Indiranagar MRTS station, I noticed another group on the Besant Nagar Beach. The group must have been there for some time. I noticed it only today. I could not speak to the head coach but the T-Shirts of the children procalimed ‘Devaraj Aasan Silamba Koodam (D.A.S.K)’.

Hoping to see more children take to physical activities.

The Vessels Seller

Neelamegam, aluminiumvessels dealer
Neelamegam, aluminium vessels dealer

Meet Neelamegam. He sells kitchen utensils from his two-wheeler around Ezhil Nagar tenements. The vehicle is completely covered with his wares that I fail to understand how he would sit and ride.

He has a loudspeaker which blares out pre-recorded sales message in a professionally catchy yet natural voice. A photo of his mother decorated with flowers adorns the top of the headlamp. He procures the utensils from Salem and other places. The way the women of the area were thronging around this handsome young man indicates that he must be doing brisk business.

Neelamegam, aluminiumvessels dealer

Football, Fresco and Fun

View of the Art District
View of the Art District

A general view of Kannagi Nagar which is evolving as an Art District thanks to the initiative of St+Art and other organizations. A bunch of youngsters is busy with their football practice even as a hydraulic boom crane used by artists dominates the skyline along with the almost-finished mural.

From the Chennai Photowalk with a cause #3.

Migrant Entrepreneur

Omkar, the peacock feather seller from Agra
Omkar, the peacock feather seller from Agra

Chennai has its fair share of migrant labourers from Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and other parts of the country. Some of the migrants are also self-employed. During our photo walk in the revamped Pondy Bazaar, we found Omkar from Agra selling peacock feathers. There were also others selling different articles like drums etc. Perhaps, this was an interim activity till they find a regular job or some other vocation.

Here is a closeup of his ware.

Peacock feathers from Agra
Peacock feathers from Agra



Boys perfroming somersaults at the Marina
Boys perfroming somersaults at the Marina

Marina beach is the pride of Madras. People throng the beach for various reasons.

These boys and their master are here today to try our the gymnsatic abilities on the sands.

Consoling at the National Roller Skating Competitions.

A competitor consoling another
A competitor from Maharashtra consoling another

You need your friends more at the time of disappointments than at victories. So, no fair weather friends.

Here a competitor from Maharashtra is seen consoling a co-competitor after an unexpected elimination. at the National Roller Skating Competition, Besant Nagar.

Rudyard Kipling’s poem,”If…” and its lines emblazoned at Wimbledon entrance come to mind:

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same;  

For a National Level event, it did not attract much media coverage as far as I know. A search on the web showed the venue of the competition as Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium. Was it a last-minute switch to Besant Nagar due to bureaucratic bungling?


Faces of Chennai

Young man with a smartphone
Young man with a smartphone

This is Madan from West Mambalam.

From Chennai Photowalk.



Old man waiting
Old man waiting

Old man waiting for his turn at a hair cutting salon called, ‘Youth” (‘Ilamai’ in Tamil)

A scene from Kanchipuram. A quick grab from a moving car.