Multi Tasking

Single priest

Unlike larger temples the priest in this small temple has to perform all tasks. Near Kapali temple, Mylapore.

PSM Vinayaga Chathurthi photowalk.


Precious Water

Slogan on a water tank

A slogan on a water tanker in water challenged Chennai. “Motherland is as precious as your eyes: Water is as precious as Gold”

Street Portrait!

Street portrait

Waterscape during morning walk.

Road as canvas: Water as medium

Rural Ambiance

Agriculture in Nemam

Though Chennai is a quintessential metro, you need not go far to get feeling of a village. Nemam, just a few kilometres away a typical rural agricultural community.

The Old Woman and the Sea

Old woman and the sea
Old woman and the sea

This old woman with her meagre belongings was loitering on the beach. Maybe she was looking for some remnants of fish or for some alms.

Water Body

Bund of Nemam Lake
Bund of Nemam Lake

Madras city and surroundings had many natural water bodies once upon a time. Over time, most of them have been encroached upon, leveled,  built upon “developed” or abused in many ways.

So, I was happy to see a lake (eri – ஏரி) in Nemam village being protected by a proper bund and the water being used for irrigating rice fields in this area. I have also heard about several initiatives by the Government, NGOs, and citizen groups,  to protect and retrieve several water bodies in the city. Let us wish them luck and offer whatever support they need.

Greeting Well

Well with greeting messages
Well with greeting messages

A well neatly painted with New year greetings as well as Pongal icons.

AT Nemam Village Walk #140 The Chennai Photowalk.

Early Morning Reflections

Silhouette and reflection
Silhouette and reflection  at daybreak (view fullscreen)

Nemam is a small village of about 30 kms from Chennai. It is known for its paddy fields and a sprawling tank, besides a few temples. Our Photowalk #140 took us to this village and its surroundings.

Symbol of Hope or Despair?

Water pump

The hand operated water pump can be a symbol of hope or despair depending on whether it is still a source of water or abandoned.

From the Chennai Photowalk #138 M.C Road, Washermanpet

Precious Cargo

Water- the precious cargo
Water- the precious cargo

In water starved Chennai, a pot of water can be precious. This man is carefully carrying 2 pots of water from a water tank in Washermanpet.

From The Chennai Photowalk #136