Multiple Protection

Multiple protection

This van has a crash guard and multiple drishti icons to ward off the evil eye.


Truck Art

Truck art on the windshield
Truck art on the windshield

Trucks, buses, vans and other commercial vehicles sport very interesting pictures and wordings. ‘Horn OK Please’ is universally known.

My idea is to showcase some of these graffiti here.

Art and patriotism

Diesel tank art and protection
Diesel tank art and protection

Artwork and patriotism in the most unexpected place.

I love my country but do not trust my countrymen.

Evil Eyes: Benign Eyes

The various devices to ward off the evil eye – drishti- are ubiquitous. They are on storefronts, house doors, vehicles, and machines. They are so common in Chennai that one takes them for granted. Yet, they make interesting study.

This is from a parked van somewhere in Ayanavaram.

You will see many such post in my blog elsewhere.

Playboy Bunny Trafficator

Playboy bunny trafficator
Playboy bunny trafficator

A trafficator on a van somewhere in Kilpauk Garden, Chennai.

Was the owner trying to convey something more?

From The Chennai Photowalk #122. Phone capture.

The Cortege

A funeral complete with decorated can and drummers
A funeral complete with decorated van and drummers

As we entered Mylapore maada veedhi, a procession with drummers, dancers, firecrackers and a van decorated like a ratham, greeted us. It was no festival but a funeral. While we took this in our stride, a group of curious tourists started clicking away.

A funeral complete with decorated van and drummers
A funeral complete with decorated van and drummers

The Omnipresent Maruti Omni

Abandoned Maruti Omni van
Abandoned Maruti Omni van

The Maruti Omni was one the first multi-utility vehicle in India. When Maruti introduced the van the initial reaction was not very enthusiastic. After cleverly positioning it as a spacious family vehicle it gained popularity. In fact, it was an all-new category in India.

So it was painful for me to see this Omni abandoned on a roadside in Perungudi – that too near a burial ground!



Right advice
Right advice

This minivan owner seems to have the right advice for all of us – teenagers in particular.

This was stationed near a school.

A quick iPhone grab from my morning walk.


Multimodal Transport in Chennai

Boat on truck
Boat on truck on Adyar bridge

Multi-modal transport?

Roll-On Roll-Off?

Or just anticipating another flood in Chennai?