Egrets over Buckingham Canal


Sony A 6400 f/8, 1/250, ISO 100

Sony E 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS @135 mm (Eq 202mm)

I am not much of a birder. A serious bird photographer may not think much of this picture. However, I am happy with this result for three reasons.

  1. There are a couple of trees near my place, on the banks of Buckingham Canal near Indira Nagar MRTS where birds are  flocking.
  2. The amazing auto focus features of the Sony A 6400.
  3. The adequacy of Sony E 18-135mm lens for most situations. Though I would have liked a larger aperture.  

Madras Club

Madras Club on Adyar
Madras Club on Adyar

How can a blog of Madras Nalla Madras be complete without an image of the ‘prim and propah’ Madras Club?

This picture was taken 3 years ago around the same time of the year in the morning from across the river Adyar.

Car-free roads, leaf-free trees

tree skeleton
tree skeleton

Besant Nagar Elliot’s beach road on a Sunday morning.

It is heartening to see vehicles off the beach road on Sunday mornings. However, it is sad to see the trees on the beach front with hardly any leaves. This is not a seasonal phenomenon but round the year. Maybe these trees can not withstand the sea breeze. If that is the case, other species may be planted. Experts, your views, please.

Foggy Bhogi at Bessie


Green Shoots


Green shoot – Hope!



After the devastating storm ‘Vardah’,it was painful to see many a mighty tree felled by it. After almost 4 weeks, now there is hope as I see the green shoots sprouting from the tree stumps.

Let us hope for a Green Chennai.

I must also compliment NGO’s like ‘Nizhal'( which has done great work in restoring many trees. More important, they have created awareness among the general public on green issues.

A phone grab from my phone camera.

Kotturpuram Tree Park

A path in Kotturpuram Tree park
A path in Kotturpuram Tree park

Kotturpuram Tree park is a wonderful result of the efforts of an NGO Nizhal, who converted a barren riverside land into a beautiful arboretum complete with walkers’ path.

Tree Management

Fallen Tree

Fallen Tree  (iPhone 5)

The Indira Nagar Park has a lot of shade-giving and flowering trees.One big tree had a weak bottom and it was neglected.It was obvious that it was an accident waiting to happen. Predictably, it came crashing down last week damaging a stone bench and its canopy. there was also some minor damages to the fence and one of the houses nearby. With proper care and management, the tree could have been saved and damages avoided.

With proper care and management, the tree could have been saved and damages avoided.

Fallen tree cut and ready for removal.
Fallen Tree  (iPhone 5)

Who should take the initiative, the Corporation which owns and runs the park or the public?

How many ways can you spell ‘puncture’?

puncture sign
puncture sign

I have seen several ways this word is spelt. So much so, I have forgotten what is the correct spelling.


If you see any other way it is spelt, please send me a picture.