Three devotees

These three Vaishnavite devotees were spotted outside Sree Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane on the day of Samprokshanam last year.



Pillayar strapped?

Ma Yashoda once tied Sri Krishna to an ‘ural’ (grindstone) for his naughty pranks like stealing butter. Click here to read the story.

Now the temple management of Sree Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane has strapped Lord Ganesha with a steel band around the legs. This is on the pillar in mandapam in the front. Ganesha and other images have all been strapped with a nice steel strap, probably to support some other structure or poles. Have they thought of the damage they are causing to the sculptures and to the sentiments of the devotees?




Imelda Marcos of Triplicane

Imelda Marcos, the wife of the President (1965 -1986) of Philippines was notable for her legendary collection of over 3000 pairs of footwear.

This lady in front of Sree Parthasarathy, Triplicane temple does not own all these footwear. She is only a caretaker of these footwear of the devotees. She may collect a rupee or two for each pair.

Tamil nadu temples provide stalls for depositing footwear free of charge. These are normally inconveniently located or unmanned. In many temples, devotees prefer private service by independent operators or shopkeepers who provide the service for their clients.



Bhajan walks and photowalks

The month of Margazhi just passed by. Margazhi was the month for bhajans, thiruppavai , kutcheris etc.

It was also the month for Mylapore Festival. To coincide with this,  a photowalk was organised. Though I am member of this group from its inception in 2007, I had not participated in any walk before, as I had moved to Trivandrum for a post -retirement assignment for 8 years. Now back in Madras, I could participate in my first photowalk. I was perhaps the oldest in those present but was happy to see the diverse group that took to the streets of Mylapore enthusiastically that morning.

Guess what greeted us first. A bhajan group!