One and Only

A store front in Anna Nagar announcing a sale.


Pongal Colours

Colours for Pongal
Colours for Pongal

Colour powders being sold at a village like fair arranged by a school 2 days before Pongal.

Earlier only natural colours were used for kolam (or Rangoli). Nowadays synthetic colours are not uncommon though awareness of the danger of synthetic dyes is increasing.

Lotus Buds

Lotus buds
Lotus buds for sale

Lotus buds for sale in front of Besant Nagar temple. for pooja or for decoration.


Lord Save us…

Crucifixes and Auto rickshaw
Crucifixes and Auto rickshaw

The autorickshaws of Chennai are notorious for fleecing passengers. So, this scene at Besant Nagar seems to say. ” Lord save us from the autorickshaws”! Or is it the autorickshaw drivers saying,” Lord, save us from the  policemen”?  In either case, the Lord’s intervention is required.

Lamps for sale

Clay oil lamps for sale
Clay oil lamps for sale

In front of Marundeeswarar temple. Thiruvanmiyur.