Rural Setting

This typical rural scene is not very from the city. Nemam village – A suburb about 45 minutes drive from the city.

From The Chennai Photowalk


Portrait from Art District

Wall paintings

From Kannagi Nagar, a resettlement colony. Now an Art District.

Shot on Sony Alpha 6400 E 18-135mm 3.5 – 5.6 OSS

f/5.0, 1/250, ISO 100

Levels and perspective adjusted on Lightroom.

Sunrise at Nemam

Sunrise over paddy fields

Nemam is village on the outskirts of Chennai, near Thirumazhisai. The rising sun enhances the golden hue of the ripe paddy.

Hope we will have another chance to visit the village after the pandemic.

Rural Ambiance

Agriculture in Nemam

Though Chennai is a quintessential metro, you need not go far to get feeling of a village. Nemam, just a few kilometres away a typical rural agricultural community.


Farm worker at Ranga thottam
Farmworker at Ranga thottam

Vasantha and her husband work in the jasmine gardens at Ranga Thottam. Ranga Garden is green oasis near the Chennai International Airport.

Bioscope returns

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modern bioscope
modern bioscope


In the days of Multiplexes and Netflix, it was interesting to see a modern version of the old bioscope. Bioscope was a staple in most temple festivals of olden days. Short film strips were exhibited in a small box. Viewers looked through peepholes and lenses.

I saw a modern version of it in a recent Pongal vizha in a suburban school. Interestingly, the box had a feed from a laptop placed on top. Happy to see that it was popular enough among the children to pay Rs 10 for a short peep. The exhibitor looked quite happy too and so were the curious viewers.

I also recall the old Tamil film song, “ Paaru, paaru nalla paaru, bioscope padatha paaru…. click for YouTube

At a village ‘McDonald’s’

Children at a rural eatery
Children at a rural eatery

At Thirumazhisai on the Chennai – Thirupathi road. Two kids sent to pick up their breakfast.