Bald Tyre

Inspecting an old tyre

Never drive with a bald tyre. This man in the by-lanes of General Patters Road deals in used tyres. The whole area specialises in recycling and refurbishing used or damaged automobile parts and accessories.

Taken during the Chennai Photowalk

Sony ILCE 6400 Sony E 18-135mm F 3.5-5.6 OSS at 82mm

1/125 sec f/6.3 ISO 1600


Good Samaritan

Service oriented auto driver
Service-oriented auto driver

This autorickshaw driver (I did not ask his name) proudly mentioned that he was a member of an organization called the Indian People’s Protection Organisation, an NGO with headquarters in Adyar. He hastened to add that it is a non-political organization and was involved in training the local children in road safety and life skills. A laudable effort and must be encouraged and supported considering the background of the local children.

I did not ask him whether they conduct classed in road safety and rule for auto drivers!

Peaceful Co-existence

Cow & Auto
Cow & Auto

Two terrors on Chennai roads- roaming cattle and rushing autos. Seems to be at peace in this scene at Madambakkam, Tambaram.

No Helmet. Only a Halo

Panned shot of a bike
Panned shot of a bike

Panned shot of a family riding a motorcycle without a helmet. A very common sight in Chennai.

The unintended light flare above the head of the riders looks like a halo. Maybe indicates the effect of helmetless travel and overloading.

Deserted Subway

Mount Road Subway
Mount Road Subway

5 p.m on a weekday is a very busy time on Mount Road. But the subway in front of the post office was deserted. There were just two pedestrians (in picture) and two sleeping men on the floor other than me. Looked little daunting.

Taken with a Redmi 4 note.