Giant Pacman

Fish Installation on Elliott's Beach
Fish Installation on Elliott’s Beach

A new installation greets you at Elliot’s Beach, popularly called, Bessie. The aesthetic or utility value of it is not clear. Maybe it is used for collecting trash.

Anyway, it resembles a giant “Pac-man” one of the earliest computer/video games.

From The Chennai Photowalk, Car-Free Sunday, Retrowalk #68

Safe and Secure

Door & Lock
Door & Lock

An old-fashioned brass lock and a collapsible door. Is this one of the famous Dindigul locks which The Hindu wrote about a couple of days ago? click here for The Hindu story.

During the evacuation of Madras at the time of WWII, in some houses, the locks on the doors were stolen for their brass content. See Madras Minutes.

Disappearing Enamel Boards

Disappearing blue enamel board
Disappearing blue enamel board

Once upon a time, the blue enamel board was the gold standard of name boards.In table and kitchenware, the enamelware ranked much lower than porcelain and stainless steel. The enamelware has almost disappeared.

So this sight in Godown street Sowcarpet was worth capturing. Note the spelling of coconut.

Scott Kelby photowalk, Chennai on 1st October 2016.