The Readership Conundrum

Daily habit
Daily habit

Do you know that India undertakes one of the largest continuous market surveys in the world? It is the National Readership Survey consisting of over 200,000 respondents every quarter. It is to determine the media usage habits of the Indian public.

As soon as the results are published every quarter, there is a lot of excitement and flurry of activities. Every publication quotes the survey selectively to show their premier position in some segment – State, City, Language, Socioeconomic category, etc.

Times of India tops the National Total Readership and Average Issue Readership for English Dailies. It had pipped The Hindu in its citadel, viz. Chennai. Whereas, The Hindu claims pole position in Tamil Nadu and highest recall in Chennai.

I am not quoting any figures here for fear of being selective or misleading. Those interested can always get the summary online. The detailed results are available only for subscribers. It is heartening to note that India is one of the few countries where the print media is still holding on despite the growth of the electronic and online channels.

Image from Car-Free Sunday on Besant Nagar – The Chennai Photowalk Retrowalk #68