Another Migrant Labourer

Amarjit from Samastipur, Bihar
Amarjit from Samstipur Dt. Bihar has been working in TN for 10 years and speaks good Tamizh.

Yet another migrant laborer from Samastipur Dt. Bihar. Migrant? He has been in Tamil Nadu for over 10 years and he speaks fairly good Thamizh.

He has recently moved to his current job in a fly ash brick factory with some of his brethren and seems quite happy overall.

From The Chennai Photowalk #140 Nemam Village


AZERTY Keyboard

Hermes Manual Typewriter with AZERTY Keyboard
Hermes Manual Typewriter with AZERTY Keyboard

An old manual  Hermes typewriter from an antique shop. Did you notice the keyboard? Instead of the conventional QWERTY  layout, it is AZERTY in the first row and corresponding changes in the other rows.

I understand this layout is preferred for French typing. If so, this must have come from French-administered areas like Pondicherry. Can someone confirm?

Tricycle – The mule of Chennai


Load carrier
Load carrier

The ubiquitous tricycle to Chennai is the what the mule is to most countries. It is the first choice for cheap transportation of goods .

It is the last mile in any sophisticated supply chain.