The Tricycle is his Throne.


From the Mada Streets of Mylapore, Chennai.


Another Migrant Labourer

Amarjit from Samastipur, Bihar
Amarjit from Samstipur Dt. Bihar has been working in TN for 10 years and speaks good Tamizh.

Yet another migrant laborer from Samastipur Dt. Bihar. Migrant? He has been in Tamil Nadu for over 10 years and he speaks fairly good Thamizh.

He has recently moved to his current job in a fly ash brick factory with some of his brethren and seems quite happy overall.

From The Chennai Photowalk #140 Nemam Village

Migrant Entrepreneur

Omkar, the peacock feather seller from Agra
Omkar, the peacock feather seller from Agra

Chennai has its fair share of migrant labourers from Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and other parts of the country. Some of the migrants are also self-employed. During our photo walk in the revamped Pondy Bazaar, we found Omkar from Agra selling peacock feathers. There were also others selling different articles like drums etc. Perhaps, this was an interim activity till they find a regular job or some other vocation.

Here is a closeup of his ware.

Peacock feathers from Agra
Peacock feathers from Agra