Managed by Women


Taj Wellington Mews located in the IT park on OMR is the first hotel in South Asia to be fully managed by women. It is a luxury apartment hotel and adds to the skyline of this area.


Leela Palace Hotel

Leela Palace Hotel form the broken bridge
Leela Palace Hotel form the broken bridge

The water in Adyar river at the broken bridge is usually not a great sight. However on a Sunday morning during daybreak, the water, and the Leela Palace hotel in MRC Nagar in the background was an interesting photo subject. Of course, some tweaking on  Lightroom and Nik collections helped enhance the subjects.

Fetching Water

Water shortage
Fetching water

Chennai has a long history of water shortage. Despite occasional heavy rains and flooding, no permanent solution has been implemented to provide adequate supply for the city’s residents.

A Chettinad Mess on Mookker Nallamuthu Street has to ferry pots of water to the first floor from a street pump.

A nearby shop advertises ‘Tasty Palar water available here’. Wonder where they get their supply from. Many on the banks of Palar river themselves do not get an adequate supply.

The Chennai Photowalk. The Retrowalk #44


Abstract light and shadow
Abstract light and shadow

Guess what this abstract figure is.



Light and shadow falling on a bath tub in a 5-star hotel.


Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge across the Adyar estuary taken from Leela Palace through the window.
Broken Bridge across the Adyar estuary taken from Leela Palace through the window.

The broken bridge across the Adyar estuary was built in the 1960 s for fishermen to cross from the Foreshore Estate to the Besant Nagar side. It had a very short life as a utility when in 1977 high tide (or was it high current from the river?) washed away part of the bridge. It has never been rebuilt after that.

Today, it is a haunt for bachelors and photo enthusiasts. A few movie episodes  have been shot here. However, many are afraid to venture out alone here because of a perceived danger from anti-social elements.

I was happy to have a grandstand view from a 7th-floor room in Leela Palace Hotel. As the windows were sealed, I had to take this through the glass and tweak a little on LR.

” Every street scene has a story in it and it is the task of  the photographer to discover it”. -apologies to Michaelangelo.